From a short video that is being widely shared on social media, this appears to be the man who shot unarmed protester Ashli Babbitt at the Capitol Building yesterday. 

Babbitt was shot as she attempted to climb through a window in a glass door partition over an ad hoc barricade erected by security staff from office furniture.

Although not much detail can be seen, the shooter appears to be a rather short, middle-aged man with a sloping forehead and receding hairline. He is also wearing some kind of bandanna or face mask over the lower part of his face.

On the video evidence available, some sites have speculated that the killer was Black or at least non-White, making this an inter-racial incident.

There have been various reports -- none of them verified -- that he is a member of the Capitol Building police force or even part of Vice President Pence's security detail. Some reports said that Babbitt was shot in the mouth, while others said she died of a chest wound. From the video it appears she was shot once.

Due to the intense emotions raised by the shooting of Babbitt, who was an attractive looking female air-force veteran of 14 years service, attempts will probably be made to hide the man's identity. 

On balance, the shooting appears to have been excessive, as warning shots could have been fired near Babbitt, or she could have been shot in an arm or leg. Also, there were several policemen behind her who were not being impeded by the demonstrators, who could have restrained her.

There will inevitably be speculation about what would have happened if she had been a Black woman or man. Would she have even been shot, and if she had been, would the media then downplay the ensuing riots and calling them "mostly peaceful"?

The other 3 deaths reported at the Capitol, which the mainstream media is trying to spin as "terrorist-related" to blame Trump, all appear to be heart attacks, although this is not confirmed yet.

From our sources Trad News believes one man, suffered a heart attack and died after accidentally tazering himself in the face, another man
died after a flash bang grenade thrown by police exploded nearby, and a third man died after strenuously scaling the facade of the Capitol building. Apart from the man with the tazer, they all appear to have been unarmed demonstrators protesting against the serious voting irregularities in the 2020 Presidential election.


  1. Fuck you and your "serious voting irregularities in the 2020 Presidential election"! Your right wing bullshitism is exactly what led to the mayhem and deaths at the capital hill. 59 court cases thrown out due to lack of evidence of voter fraud and still you persist with this bullshitsm from Don the Con's fragile ego. Go f*ck yourself

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    2. Kevin- You seem like typical, uninformed hateful leftist. What ever happened to "Love trumps hate"? Do you even know what love is? It is only the left that seeks to marginalize people & silence everyone they disagree with. Such is a sign of people who know their ideas & ideals don't hold up to scrutiny as better than conssrvative ones. Go ignoring the evidence. When Americas's civil rights are taken away & America ceases to be a bastian of freedom to the world, I doubt you'll understand what got us there. It seems we're almost there, already. Democrats have made it clear they want to abolish the second amendment (& the first 1, too). Do you know who else did that? Hitler, Stalin, & every dictator you probably hate.

    3. seems like republicans are just spreading hate as usual and trying to blame a black person for this woman's death! How ugly and awful to even think about that. Trump's lemmings are mad because he used them and manipulated them into doing his dirty work as he ran back home to hide in his bunker! He has lied to all of you since day one and you all follow his every command, send him money and now break the law for him. This is how Hitler came to power and it's time he was stopped

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  3. The shooter is allegedly david bailey an immigrant to the US from Brazil. There are facebook archives of his profile avatar containing support for BLM and it's allegedly he's for months been threatening violence on Trump supporters on Facebook. Likely why they're keep this very hush hush... You can find his profile by searching David Bailey Washington DC its the one with the black ring around the profile photo

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    1. Uneducated fool? How do you know anything about Kevin? At this point everyone has to stop assuming that if you are against Trump you are automatically a Democrat or a member of BLM. There are many Republican's who see the damage he has caused and we cannot allow it to continue. He is not a leader, but a coward and a bully who has to be stopped before things happen in this country that will change it forever.

  5. Yeah...uneducated fool. Thats what fools do insert words such as insults and profanity because they have nothing useful, helpful or intelligent to say. And YOU fit the bill too. Trump a coward , who stood up to Iran , Isis, Russia, North Korea AND CHINA..Lets not forget Canada, Mexico and the whole of Central America?? Not to mention the Demoncrats, the Democratic media..that's pretty much all of the media out their in the mainstream spotlight right now, including Fox. Did you really just write that. Do you have a shred of intelligence, or even common sense?!? You must have gone to communist U with Kevin. Think before you write or speak so you don't unveil your ignorance so quickly and easily. Do your own research and get off the CNN Ventilator. It's toxic and turns people into the same lying communists as their leader and subserviant slaves otherwise known as anchors and journalists. When you actually EDUCATE YOURSELF you will realize what a foolish retort you made on behalf of Kev and your sheepish self. Trump is neither a coward nor bully. He takes on bullies and cowards who hide behind the Democrat, BLM and ANTIFA Monikers. Not to mention the corrupt Biden family. Research the Clintons, Obamas and Bidens. Some of the most evil, corrupted and contemptible vermin in modern history. A little push in the right direction you obviously need. Try Dinesh D'Souza's documentaries, the Biden documentary 'Bad Decisions' on his and his families rampant corruption. BTW you won't find them on the networks you obviously watch. His brothers are as disgusting as he is. And one more I'll give you and then it's up to you to be yor own person. Look up the CIA 'OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD. And don't take my word, read the papers congress declassified in the 1950's. You might learn something CNN and the stolen Biden criminals don't want you to know. Good Luck and dont forget to pray. God forgives us if we repent and change our evil ways. There is hope for all including Demoncrats.


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