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Nir Bitton who unwittingly signed to Britain's most anti-Semitic club.

Scotland's SNP government is ignoring a massive surge in Neo-Nazi hate speech, simply because it comes from their own voter base.

Recently Glasgow Celtic's Israeli midfielder, Nir Bitton, was racially abused after he performed badly in a recent match against Celtic's main rivals Glasgow Rangers.

For those who don't know, Celtic is a football club generally supported by people of Catholic Irish descent in Scotland, while Rangers is mainly a club for Protestant Scots. 

In the abuse the Celtic fans called the 29-year-old player a "dirty J** bastard" and a "Z***ist rat" in social media posts after the game with Rangers, which Celtic lost.

As reported by the Jewish Chronicle:

Mr Bitton’s wife Bar also confirmed she had received many “awful” messages and shared a screen grab of one which called for her and her husband to be “hanged” while adding further abuse directed at the couple's two children.

The message read: “Here you ya cow, you and yer husband deserve tae be hung on the streets. F**k you and yer wains.”

Mr Bitton, who was born in Ashdod, has previously spoken of his frustration at the abuse he receives from Celtic fans because he is an Israeli.

In 2016 he wrote on his Instagram that the trolls were "nothing but idiots" and said they accused him of supporting the killing of children.

In the past Celtic fans have displayed Palestinian flags and banners reading “end Zionism” and voiced their support for "terrorist" organisations like the IRA and the PLO in their songs and chants. Rangers fans, by contrast, sometimes show support for Israel.

Similar anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist sentiments are thought to be common among members of the SNP, which currently runs the Scottish regional government.

For example, the SNP's Health spokeswoman in the British Parliament, Philippa Whitford, spent 18 months working in a hospital in Gaza in 1988 during a conflict with Israel. She often visits Gaza to this day and maintains close contacts with Hamas.

The SNP's Cabinet Secretary for Justice in the Scottish government, Humza Yousaf, is the son of Pakistani immigrants. He is well known for his pro-Islamic and pro-Palestinian outlook and his opposition to the Jewish homeland. In the past he has called for a total arms embargo against Israel.

For these reasons don't expect the Scottish government to do much to crack down on this latest outburst of extreme anti-Semitism from their voter base of Celtic fans.

Back in 2016, another Celtic fan said gassing was "too good" for the club’s Israeli midfielder on social media. But little appears to have been done then. 

The Jewish Chronicle reports a similar case from 2015:

In November 2015, Celtic director Lord Livingston, a Conservative member of the House of Lords, was also targeted with antisemitic abuse by Celtic fans. ... He said he had received a message from someone under the name Michael Higgins who had said: “Get this Ashkenazi c*** out of OUR club and take that other fake jew p**** Bitton with him. This is typical of their sort, infiltrating and destroying every country and establishment from within”.

Another person writing as ‘Ross Grant’ had told him: “He’s a Jew what do you expect”.

The SNP is first to scream "Racism!!!" when someone attacks one of their multi-ethnic "pets." And they have even been trying to introduce an Orwellian "hate crime" bill that will criminalize so-called "hate speech" in private houses. But when it's their people doing the hating or talking about re-running the Holocaust on social media, then suddenly they're no longer interested.

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