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Possible copycat attack
Following Wednesday's invasion of the America's sacred Capitol Building by a violent mob led by a man in a big furry hat, a similar incident has occurred in the United Kingdom.

Trad News is now getting reports of a man wearing a three-foot-tall bearskin hat rampaging around the grounds of Buckingham Palace, the home of the British Queen and her family.

Even worse, the furry-hatted man appears to be armed with a sword, and is violently shouting at people, many of whom also appear to be wearing outlandish headgear and long grey coats. 

Some of the hateful phrases overheard include "present arms!" "attention!" "about turn!" and "this is MAGA country," although the last one was heard while a low-flying jet flew over central London.

It is thought that the suspected terrorist and his cohorts are trying to overturn a recent "democratic decision" to post guards around the palace, taken only two hours previously, and to replace them with completely different guards. 

The Queen is believed to have been rushed to a "secure location" within the Palace building, possibly the "kiddie dungeon" underneath Prince Andrew's bedroom.

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