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Bad optics

Don't get me wrong, I love China and the Chinese people, and here at Trad News we do my best to stop people taking cheap shots at them, especially American neo-con retards who can't yet embrace America's gentle decline. 

I also get it that there are a few skeletons in China's closet, and that history is full of bad shit that happened to everybody (and that some of that bad shit might still be happening).

But on the plus side, China is a great country and makes most of the kewl stuff I use in my everyday life. In recent decades it has also lifted hundreds of millions of people out of grinding poverty. Thank you, CCP!

But sometimes China is not its own best friend. Sometimes China just does shit that seems guaranteed to piss everybody off and make them hate China. Too bad.

What really happened with the Coronavirus is still unclear. Was it an accident or something that was designed to stop the US-backed "colour revolution" in Hong Kong that got out of hand? 

We'll wait and see. But allowing Wuhan, the origin point of the virus, to become a party town, while much of the rest of the World is in a soul-crushing lockdown is clearly going to rub people up the wrong way:

Then there is shit like this - a fashion show, held in Beijing a few years ago: 

If Corona-chan were a model in a fashion show, this is exactly what she would look like.

These nightmarish designs are by Chinese designer Hu Sheguang, and were rolled out part of China Fashion Week back in 2016.

Some of the designs are eerily evocative of the pandemic and vaccination hellworld that billions of people are now going through.

This image, for example, looks just like a new, rushed coronavirus vaccine that has gone tragically wrong:

While this one looks like someone in a blood-spattered haz-mat suit who has been slaughtering children's pets all day:

Then there is the whole gimpy, masked vibe that is so 2020-21:

Also, it is clear that the Coronavirus pandemic and associated panic is crashing birthrates, effectively wiping out hundreds of millions of babies that are simply not being born. That is clearly hinted at in this deeply disturbing image:

What the Chinese have to realise is that their rise to great power status is extremely unnerving for a great many people, and that a huge amount of fear is being generated. This can easily be weaponised against them by their enemies. So, avoiding nightmarish or insensitive imagery like this, would simply be "good optics" and excellent "metapolitics."

Also, China is a country that is blessed with wholesome and heart-warming imagery, so it seems pointless and self-defeating when they attempt to brand themselves as a big, scary modernist juggernaut with edgy art and blood spattered fashion shows, when instead they could present themselves like this:

Good optics

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