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Nick "Four Ears" Fuentes can't handle gentle criticism

Cowardly bitcoin millionaire and Catboy connoisseur Nick Fuentes has finally gone and blocked Trad News on Twitter.

This is really bad news.

For Fuentes. Because, without our sensible critique of his various personality flaws, the young putative politician is quite likely to go off the rails at some point.

In general Trad News has reported favourably on Fuentes, as he has outperformed the extremely low standard set by former Dissident Right leaders, but we have also offered benign criticism when we felt it was warranted.

We also supported Chicky Nicky when that creep JF Gariepy got him deplatformed from YouTube.

In the past we have made the point that Fuentes' telegenic charm is directly related to his "sub-masculinity" and "sub-verticality" (i.e. he is a tiny manlet). Although there is little he can do about his height deficiency, he could work a lot more on his masculinity by giving up his apparently friendly associations with Catboys like Catboy Kami and other sub-masculines like Baked Alaska. 

Key Fuentes ally Baked Alaska deconstructing his masculinity   

But obviously Nick the Prick is the sensitive sort and took such well-intentioned advice the wrong way.

This reflects extremely poorly on the robustness of his character and future leadership prospects, as even Richard Spencer doesn't block us and we have been a LOT more critical of him for his all too human failings. In fact Spencer actually follows us because of our high quality news content.

The Chad Nietzschean vs. the Virgin Trad Cath snowflake


Arthur Sido said...

Fuentes has randomly blocked a ton of people. I can't ever remember interacting with him but he has me blocked as well as a bunch of people I "know" on Twitter.

Colin Liddell said...

If he hates Twitter that much he shouldn't be on it.

Anonymous said...

"Fuentes can't handle gentle criticism"

Says Colin "hemorrhoid king" Liddel who deletes all comments that are not a copy paste of his own articles.

Colin Liddell said...

This is not criticism. It's just potty talk from an anonymous troll. No content. No facts, no logic. Of course it should be deleted and will be. Just pleased you are so seriously butthurt about it.

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