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Was Keith killed by a Momo?

Japanese women look great -- especially compared to the Western land whales that are on offer today with their green armpit hair and feminist scowls. 

They are slim, golden skinned, nubile, sexually adventurous, and have long, black hair, lustrous like the sable night. Also many of them can actually play the piano and catch a fly with chopsticks.

But be warned, as the tragic death of Prodigy singer Keith Flint reminds us, there are also secret dangers hidden beneath the cherry blossom.

"Burn the rice, pay the price," as the saying goes, and pay the price Keith Flint definitely did when he sought solace from the World of big gigs, groupies, and as much drugs as you can stuff into every orifice by marrying Mayumi Kai.

At first sight Kai must have seemed like the answer to all Keith's dreams, a beautiful doting Oriental goddess who would keep him on the straight and narrow, and attend to his every wish. All that remained was for them to buy a great big house in a leafy part of rural England and then live out their lives in endless bliss.

But things are never that simple, especially when you have broken one of the unwritten rules of the Universe. 

Keith and Mayumi went through the motions of being well-to-do English country gentlefolk, riding horses and even owning a pub. But beneath the apparent veneer of happiness, something was deeply wrong. Mayumi kept her earlier profession of DJing, occasionally doing gigs far away from home, sometimes even in Tokyo, while Keith often found himself at a loose end with nothing to do but to gravitate back towards his more self-destructive habits.

Also, the language and cultural barriers no doubt took their toll. One can only imagine the constant rows that must have erupted every time Keith failed to take his shoes off before entering the house or pissed in the bathwater, which in Japan is typically shared with the whole family.

But therein lay another unforeseen problem -- Keith and Mayumi's family only included them. They had no children. Whether that was because of some incompatibility between their radically different biological systems or because of some damage to his or her reproductive apparatus through too much clubbing earlier in their lives, there was no patter of tiny feet to brighten their home. 

Then there would be dietary issues. As a Japanese, Mayumi would be addicted to rice, sushi, and seaweed. Keith, no doubt, would be fond of his native British kebabs and curries. With Mayumi cooking the meals, however, one can only imagine the disappointment that Keith would face each mealtime. 

While marriages can start anywhere, they are ultimately built and maintained in the kitchen, and the kitchen in this case was full of noodles, soy sauce, and tofu -- not the best building blocks for an energetic British bloke fond of his food and drugs.

Then, with the wheels coming off the wagon, the radical cultural differences between the Japanese and English could only make things worse. As we see in many horror films, like "Ringu" and "Onibaba," Japanese women have a reputation for being "silent but deadly." Because of their ancient culture and mastery of Zen and other mystical arts, they are especially skillful at curses and the arts of psychological warfare. 

This aptitude was also recently demonstrated by the evil Momo Challenge, a disturbing WhatsApp "suicide" game, based loosely on a typical Japanese woman.

The original image is from a
 sculpture created by special effects outfit Link Factory, and was recently featured in a display at an art gallery in Tokyo. However, the animated app communicates with people on social media, and "invites" them to undertake dangerous challenges, threatening them if they don't comply. The effect on the weak-minded is said to be hypnotic.

In a similar way, Keith Flint may have felt an uncanny pressure from his disintegrating marriage and the constant nagging of his wife to do increasingly insane and self-destructive actions, as if Momo herself was driving him on.

Flint: two days before his death
Oddly in the days before his death, friends report that he seemed happy and active. He ran with a personal trainer everyday to stay in shape for gigs, and just two days before his death he even participated in a local park run, scoring a new personal best of 5km in 21 minutes, 22 seconds. His band was also booked to headline the Glastonbury festival this year.

Yet 48 hours later, he was dead. 

What malevolent force pushed Keith to take his life? Perhaps we will never know, or perhaps the answer is already known and is being hidden by the globalists who don't want us to realise the age old truth that if you burn the rice, you pay the price.


Anonymous said...

What a load of sexist and racist claptrap.

Anonymous said...

Anyone using terms like sexist and racist unironically is a moron.

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