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Andrew-Anglin-look-a-like Jonathan Greenblatt 

Like a lot of shitty organisations that are very successful at raising money, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) likes to ride two horses with one backside. 

On the one hand it's all about "Muh Israel" and "Muh Zionism," while on the other it's all "Hey, we're best friends with the world's two billion Muslims.

But sometimes the strain of being a two-faced, turbo-charged cunt can be, let's say, a little trying.

After picking up flak from an opinion piece by Salam Al-Marayati, the president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, published in the Jewish Leftie rag Forward, the ADL's CEO Jonathan Greenblatt responded with a reply that pandered so much to Muslims (and the Leftists who love them) that the ADL's new position now effectively calls for the total destruction of Israel.

In his opinion piece Al-Marayati accused the ADL of being a false friend and a true enemy to Muslims:

Over the years, the ADL has issued news releases criticizing me on its “anti-Israel activity” webpage for supporting nonviolent resistance to end the occupation, including the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. In 2013, the group listed my organization, MPAC, among the Top 10 “anti-Israel” groups in the U.S. [...]

Our organizations actively condemn acts of violence wrongfully committed in the name of Islam, including terrorism against Israelis. But I have yet to see the ADL condemn any act of violence against Palestinians committed by the State of Israel. The group has not condemned the Israeli occupation, which dehumanizes Palestinians on a daily basis. Its leaders have not condemned Israeli military killings of innocent civilians (instead, there is this “fact sheet” offering responses to claims of Israeli use of excessive force). And they have not condemned squalid and inhumane conditions in the open prison called the Gaza Strip. [...]

The ADL seems to want to have it both ways: it sends encouragement and messages of support after a tragedy, but it also participates in singling out Muslims as part of a larger existential threat to our society. The ADL cannot claim that it’s on the forefront of defending Muslims while also being a source of anti-Muslim animus through its rhetoric on Israel-Palestine.

Al-Marayati also pointed out that the ADL uses its enormous resources to unfairly lobby against, smear, target, and defame anyone it arbitrarily decides is its "enemy," including himself: 

Unfortunately, the ADL has a long history of contributing to anti-Muslim sentiment. In the late 1980s, I was contacted by a law-enforcement official and informed that I was the target of ADL surveillance of pro-Palestinian groups and individuals in the U.S. The so-called “ADL Spy Case” is referenced by Arab, Muslim and allied groups to this day as reason to avoid contact with the group.

The ADL was also among the Jewish groups that helped torpedo my nomination to a congressional commission on counterterrorism in 1999. The group did this even though I had worked with the local ADL director at the time, David Lehrer, to establish a Code of Ethics for Muslim-Jewish Dialogue that was endorsed by the City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission.

Underlining this was the fact that, following the publication of his opinion piece, Al-Marayati was immediately "disinvited" from a panel discussion with Greenblatt organised by Lehrer, who ludicrously claimed the issues raised in the OpEd "might distract from the conversation."

Jonathan-Greenblatt-look-a-like Andrew Anglin

In response to Al-Marayati's hard-hitting piece, Greenblatt immediately penned an editorial, published on the ADL's own site, in which he emphasised how Muslim-friendly and anti-Israeli the ADL was:

[The] ADL, like the vast majority of the American Jewish community, is proudly Zionist. We are committed deeply to a democratic and Jewish homeland in Israel. We will make no apologies for this stance.

And yet, that does not inhibit us from criticizing the government of Israel in regards to certain policies. We’ve done so in recent years around the highly-problematic nation-state law passed in the Knesset in 2018 and the talk by Israeli leaders about annexing of the West Bank, and we also spoke out against the recent appointment of a new head of Yad Vashem who has made a series of hateful claims slandering Palestinians.

We also repeatedly have called out anti-Arab racism in Israeli society, criticized the Israeli government for its ill-treatment of African asylum seekers, and launched A League of Respect, a new initiative to fight bigotry and racism in Israeli sports.

ADL also remains a staunch supporter of the two-state solution. Even if it is out of vogue in some circles, we firmly believe that it is the only just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one that provides the Palestinian people with dignity and statehood...

So, according to this, Greenblatt clearly believes in:

⁍ Revoking the nation-state law which defines Israel as a national state of the Jewish people
⁍ Prosecuting any Israeli soldiers involved in violent acts against Palestinians
⁍ Banning Israeli citizens from criticising Muslims
⁍ Kicking all Jewish settlers off the West Bank
⁍ Creating a Palestinian State right next to Israel
⁍ Allowing mass Third World and African immigration to the shrunken state of Israel

According to the present, democratically-elected leadership of Israel, these are all measure that would lead to the destruction of Israel.

By his own words, what Greenblatt really wants therefore is to destroy the tiny Jewish homeland and ultimately the Jews as a separate people. I hope the ADL's many naive donors now appreciate that. 

Why does Greenblatt hate these poor people so much?

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