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Italy is ready!

It's finally happening! Matteo Salvini could be only weeks away from gaining power in Italy. T
he Italian government is on the verge of collapse.

As reported by archived normie media:

The Italian government was plunged into crisis on Wednesday night, after the resignation of three ministers from the ruling coalition put the future of prime minister Giuseppe Conte in doubt.

The departures came as Matteo Renzi, the former prime minister and leader of the small Italia Viva party, pulled his support from Mr Conte’s coalition. That decision followed weeks of sustained criticism of the government’s economic response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

This is pushing things strongly towards a general election, in which Matteo Salvini's Lega Party and other right-wing parties are positioned to form a strong and natural majority. This is why Conte is now desperately trying to form a new government without going to the country:

Mr Conte may now need to seek permission from [President] Mattarella to attempt to form a new government without lawmakers from Mr Renzi’s party. To do this, he will need to win over members of other small parties or possibly breakaway members of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia.

The next scheduled Italian general election is scheduled for 1st June 2023, and only the Italian president has the power to call early elections. Due to the Covid hysteria he will be unwilling to do this until all other options have been exhausted, but any government cobbled together will be weak and likely to collapse, so a general election within the next few weeks is a possibility.

According to the latest opinion poll, support for the parties is as follows:

Lega (nationalist)  23.4%
PD (soft left)  20%
Brothers of Italy (nationalist)  16.6%
Five Star (eclectic anti-establishment)  14.1%  
Forza Italia (soft right)  10.5%
Small Parties  15.4%

With these figures Lega and Brothers of Italy stand a good chance of winning a stable majority and forming a relatively strong nationalist coalition government. Just what Italy needs right now.

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