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To be honest, I had given up on NASA. After the movie Hidden Figures came out, I thought it had gone full woke. But it looks like there are signs of hope, after the Space Agency stuck to its guns and decided to honour one of the straight White men, who helped create it, 
by naming a telescope after him. The man in question is James Webb, who served as Head of NASA from 1961 to 1968.

From Futurism:

NASA has announced that it will not be changing the name of the James Webb Space Telescope despite criticism from the public, astronomers, and even NASA employees.

The orbital observatory, which is expected to revolutionize astronomy by letting scientists see farther into space in greater detail than ever before, has come under fire this year due to the bigoted history of its namesake, former NASA administrator James Webb. The agency concluded that Webb, who allowed NASA security to interrogate employees for being gay, is still deserving of the honor — leaving critics dissatisfied.

The campaign to remove Webb's name from the telescope seems to have stemmed from vile articles like this in
Scientific American

James Webb, who died in 1992, was a career civil servant whose time at the U.S. Department of State under President Harry S. Truman included advancing the development of psychological warfare as a cold war tool. He later oversaw the Apollo program as NASA administrator. When he arrived at NASA in 1961, his leadership role meant he was in part responsible for implementing what was by then federal policy: the purging of LGBT individuals from the workforce. When he was at State, this policy was enforced by those who worked under him. As early as 1950, he was aware of this policy, which was a forerunner to the antigay witch hunt known today as the lavender scare. Historian David K. Johnson's 2004 book on the subject, The Lavender Scare, discusses archival evidence indicating that Webb, along with others in State Department leadership, was involved in Senate discussions that ultimately kicked off a devastating series of federal policies.

Sounds like Webb was a pretty based guy, and played a key role in the space program that succeeded in conquering the Moon. Ditching his honour on the basis that he wasn't complient with 2021 LGBTQP groupthink is absurd! 

While "the gay" is reluctantly tolerated in the contemporary West, it is still viewed with horror by the vast majority of the World's population today, all of the World's population in the past, and it will probably be viewed that way again in the future -- as woke Lefties have shit demographics. That's not my opinion, that's just facts.

Indeed, if we discover intelligent life on other planets, the aliens are likely to be down on the gay as well.

So, it seems something of a stretch to deprive Webb of this honour simply because he went along with the entirely normal standards of his day, rather than the temporary and local ones of the "current year" and the decadent city states of the West. 

Certainly the views of the person writing this Satanic woke drivel are not typical of anybody except a tiny creepy minority. Here is the Twitter info of the lead writer, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein:

After trying to start a woke witchhunt Chanda then suggests renaming the telescope after Harriet Tubman (LOL) on the basis that the escaped slave and abolitionist may have occasionally looked up at the stars FFS!

Before she became a conductor on the Underground Railroad, a disabled and enslaved Harriet Tubman almost certainly used the North Star, just as it is documented that others did, to navigate her way to freedom. Naming the next Hubble the Harriet Tubman Space Telescope (HTST) would ensure that her memory lives always in the heavens that gave her and so many others hope. 

Yes, these people are batshit crazy! So why are they allowed to be "assistant professor of physics" and publish Satanic woke crap like this in what is supposed to be a Science journal?

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