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Apparently there was a little trouble at the England vs. Hungary football game at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday night. 

It started when police saw a Hungarian fan holding up a placard disrespecting the sacred English custom of "taking a knee" to Black Lives Matter and the mantra of "Eternal White Guilt."

The ultra "woke" English police immediately swooped in, wading through the crowd, in an attempt to stop the sacrilege to the holy ghost of George Floyd. 

But unfortunately for the lightly armed bobbies, who only had steel truncheons and anti-stab vests, the Hungarian fans, heavily armed with fists and casual sportswear, beat the living crap out of the coppers, causing them to beat a humiliating retreat. 

It seems that Eastern Europeans are not quite as meek as the gentle Londoners the Met are used to bullying.  

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Anonymous said...

Immensely entertaining.

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