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The Chinese government has just sent 2,000 "food packages" to Afghanistan to counter starvation caused by the collapse of the Afghan economy following the pull-out of US and other Western forces.

Unfortunately the "food aid" doesn't look too appetising:

Let's take a closer look at that:

I suppose it's better than nothing, but it would hardly be a misrepresentation to say that this looks like sacks of feed and growth hormone more suitable for livestock than human beings.

Back in the day, when the US was throwing money around like there was no tomorrow, the living was good. Food was plentiful and everybody got a slice of the action. 

How it used to be when Uncle Sam was footing the bill.
But those days are gone. When the US and its allies pulled out back in September, the gravy train also left Kabul. Now times are tough, bread queues long, and the only food on offer is the scrapings from China's animal feed mills.

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