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Biden: swastika eyes

When American voters swarmed to the polls last November to elect Joe Biden, they probably thought they were voting for a kindly old man who would help heal the country and maybe sniff a few children. But now it looks like they have ended up electing something much worse -- a total, maniac, Hitler-loving Nazi!

On Day One, not only did Biden get rid of Donald Trump's Pepsi button from the Presidential desk, but, as a fan of the Third Reich, he also ordered his staff to immediately trash a bronze bust of Britain's great wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill. 

Here is archived normie media reporting this act of desecration:

A transatlantic row is brewing over ... Joe Biden's removal of a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office, five years after Barack Obama provoked a storm by having the British leader's image moved outside his office. [...]

However some critics worry that removal of Churchill is a snub to the UK, and signals a further dwindling of the so-called 'Special Relationship' after it was started in World War Two by the legendary British Prime Minister. [...]

And there are also growing fears in the UK that Biden will pivot to a more EU-friendly stance, given his close links to Ireland and after having previously described Mr Johnson as a 'physical and emotional clone' of Donald Trump.

For Hitler worshippers like Biden, a statue of Winston Churchill is like a crucifix to a vampire, so it is no wonder that Biden engaged in this Satanic act of office redecoration. 

Historical experts unanimously agree that, without the efforts of Winston Churchill in the 1940s, the World would have sunk into a "New Dark Age" of Nazi barbarism, with death camps in every town, Gestapo goon squads on every street corner, and everybody forced to speak German with its soul-crushing and oppressive grammar. But thanks to Churchill's bulldog spirit our freedoms were saved.

Churchill banned from the White House

By removing Churchill's bust in such a cavalier manner, the newly-elected President is signalling to the World that he fully endorses this kind of National Socialist Fascist dystopian hell world. This is also why Biden hated Trump so much, because the former President was the world's biggest fan of the Jewish race. 

Biden's hateful behaviour comes as no surprise to those of us familiar with the extreme Catholic Irish nationalism that makes up the core of his dark ideology. Not only did he fail to appoint a single WASP to his 21-member cabinet, but he is also known to be a fan of extreme Irish nationalist and Nazi lover √Čamon de Valera. 

In 1945 when Hitler blew out his brains, De Valera who was Ireland's PM at the time, infamously paid a visit to the German embassy in Dublin to offer his condolences. 

Another "hero" for hate-filled bigot Biden is John F. Kennedy, a fellow Irish Catholic with extensive mafia connections. Less well known is that Kennedy, like Biden, was another Hitler freak. 

Biden's twin heroes JFK and Adolf Hitler

In the summer of 1945, while making a pilgrimage to Hitler's mountain retreat in Bavaria, the then 28-year-old Kennedy penned in his diary:

"Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made."

In Biden, this is the kind of evil person that foolish and naive American voters have put in the White House. We may need another Churchill to get him out.

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