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An unimportant, trivial election has just happened in part of a far-off banana republic called America. The contest was between four candidates in Georgia for the state's two seats in the U.S. Senate. 

The number of votes cast is unknown, and has only a tentative connection with the number of votes being reported. I won't mention these figures here, as they are essentially unimportant.

The U.S. Senate is a largely obsolete parliamentary body that simply rubber-stamps whatever decisions the country's billionaire elites decide on at their numerous social events. 

The reported vote tallies show that two of the candidates have "beaten" the other two, although it is by no means clear how the four candidates were chosen in the first place. The actual names of the political parties involved are also not important, and it would be trivial and pointless of me to mention them.

As usual, many voters were told that this was the "most important election ever." But only the most low IQ and stupid voters were able to believe something as mind-numbingly stupid as that. 

They were also told that the result would have a "major impact" on an earlier and much bigger trivial election that took place last November. That election appeared to decide the country's leader, as well as local dogcatchers and other minor functionaries. Although, here too, it seems that the country's billionaire elites had already decided most, if not all, of the results.

This is how "elections" happen in this dysfunctional anarcho-tyrannical state. Naive voters, many of them wearing Trump hats, are used as "background decoration" for voting machines controlled by oligarchs and ballot boxes stuffed by angry Black women, and then complain about the results on social media before getting "banned."

It is believed that the low-IQ, generally obese citizens of this primitive soft-fruit land would be incapable of understanding the complexity of an actual democratic system, like the ones occasionally seen in Europe. There intelligent voters are offered a choice of dozens of parties with a proportional representation system that does not waste their votes. In some systems they even exclude big donors and corporate shills, and limit the degree to which the media can distort the result through fake news and cooked opinion polls.

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