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Another day another woke corporation to boycott (after puking up your guts, of course, at the latest disgusting crap they are trying to pull).

Today's culprit is chocolate maker Cadbury, which has taken all the poop associations that we normally manage to suppress when we think about chocolate, and used them to build its next revolting advertising campaign on. This features a gay couple snogging with a chocolate egg in their mouths, as some weird goo emerges from the fecal-coloured confection.

In Africa gay sex is often referred to as "Eat da poo poo," and it is this unfortunate association that Cadbury's ad has managed to evoke, even for gay people, according to the Daily Mail:

The LGBTQ+ inclusive TV commercial, released for the chocolate's 50th anniversay, included a real-life couple sharing the treat.

Callum Sterling and Dale K Moran leaned into each other as they took a bite of either end of the chocolate egg. A voiceover says: 'Sharers? Yeah, we are down with that'.

Not everyone on social media was pleased about the very public display of affection, as one Twitter user wrote: 'I love being gay, but no one needs to see two dudes felching a Cadbury creme egg.'

Felching, btw, is the act of stimulating the anus of a sexual partner orally, and specifically to remove semen ejaculated into the anus. In other words, it's pretty disgusting and hard core,  whoever's doing it, and even more so when directly associated with a chocolate product on prime time TV when impressionable children are watching.

Cadbury's gay critic continues:

'It's a bit much. Representation is one thing (and important) but this feels performative and exploitative. Like they wanted to use these gay men to create controversy so that people are talking about the product.'

Another said: 'I am sick of seeing pictures of that Creme Egg advert with the gay couple. seeing people share food mouth-to-mouth disgusts me in the same way as people chewing with their mouths open. Thank you.'

Yes, it's almost like Cadbury's is trying to make people hate the gays so as to get a few more clicks for their shitty ad. Because of this, I have no option but to place Cadbury's name on my ever-growing list of companies to boycott for the rest of eternity.

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