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Small Tech site Parler, which was cruelly deplatformed by Big Tech giant Amazon a few days ago, is now attempting to strike back with a lawsuit.

As reported by archived mainstream media:

Parler on Monday announced it will sue Amazon for antitrust violations after the site was scrubbed from the web overnight. The ... social media site vanished from the Apple and Google app stores after they cut ties with the platform in the wake of the deadly mob attack at the US Capitol. Parler then went offline shortly after 3am EST monday after Amazon booted the platform off its web hosting service, effectively shutting it down until it can find a new hosting partner.

CEO John Matze said he was doing more than Facebook and Twitter to try and remove violent content from his app. In a statement Monday morning self declared libertarian Matze said: 'Evaluated objectively, our system worked as well or better than the methods used by our competitors, while adhering to our principles.'

Parler then announced it will sue Amazon and ask a federal judge to order the tech giant to reinstate the platform, The Hill reports.

Frankly in any sane society this would be an open-and-shut case and Amazon would be fined billions in damages, but of course this is 2021 America so who knows what the judge will do. It will literally boil down to what that judge does in his or her spare time and whether the Deep State have photos of that. 

But even if Parler wins, the damage has already been done. Due to the chaos caused by Amazon's attack on Parler, hackers were able to access the data of Parler's users.

As reported by Cyber News:

Parler ... has been hit by a massive data scrape. Security researchers collected swaths of user data before the network went dark Monday morning after Amazon, Google, and Apple booted the platform. The scrape includes user profile data, user information, and which users had administration rights for specific groups within the social network. Twitter user @donk_enby, who first announced about the scrape, claims that over a million video URLs, some deleted and private, were taken.

“These are original, unprocessed, raw files as uploaded to Parler with all associated metadata,” claims one of the authors.

Security researchers claim that the scrapped posts are linked to accounts that posted them, and some of the video and image data have geolocation information. That is said also to include data from Parler’s “Verified Citizens,” users of the network who verified their identity by uploading photographs of government-issued IDs, such as a driver’s license.

Yes, apparently being a Normie-Con Republican puts you in serious dox territory in Clown World America these days. Things are about to get really interesting in all sorts of crazy and unexpected ways.

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