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America is undergoing a coup by oligarchs who control the Mainstream Media and Big Tech. A central part of this undemocratic seizure of power is delegitimizing the opposition, namely the populist Trump movement.

The goal is not only to push Trump out of power, which has already been achieved, but to discredit him so much in the GOP that the Never Trumpers will regain control of the party. 
Key to this is the fake narrative that Trump directly instigated the riot at the Capitol Building on January 6th, with a "Hitlerian" speech that whipped the mob up into a frenzy. 

Actually it was a rather low energy speech from Trump, and there is literally nothing in the words that he delivered that can be cited as evidence of inciting violence. But who has time to sift through Trump's entire speech? Just the fact that Trump spoke and then his followers marched down to the Capitol Building and rioted is supposed to be proof enough that Trump directly caused the riot, according to the Mainstream Media. 

But is this really what happened? Let's look at the actual timeline of events, and see how that day really panned out. 

The anti-Trump Washington Post admits that the "first wave of protesters arrived at the Capitol about 12:40pm" and that by 1pm the trouble had already started, quoting the Capitol Police Chief, Steve Sund:

“I realized at 1pm, things aren’t going well… I’m watching my people getting slammed.”

The actual breech of the building happened at 1:50pm.

But, wait a minute, it is recorded that Trump’s speech, which took place next to the White House (about 1.6 miles away from the Capitol Building) started at 12 noon and did not conclude until 1:11pm, a full half hour after the first wave of protesters arrived at the Capitol.

In other words, the people who listened to Trump speak and the people who had gathered at the Capitol Building were different groups of people. 

Google Maps gives the walking time between these two locations as 33 minutes, but add on another 12 to 15 minutes for how crowded Washington was at the time, and you get around a 45 minute walking time.

Even if an attendee had immediately left Trump's speech at 1.11pm, instead of milling around, and then marched straight to the Capitol, that person would have arrived at the Capitol at 1.56pm, literally six minutes after the breech, and nearly an hour after the trouble at the Capitol started.

In other words, the mob at the Capitol, especially those people who spearheaded the attack, had heard nothing of the speech directly, although some of them may have caught glimpses of it on smart phones.

This means that the media's narrative that Trump directly whipped up a giant mob with "Hitlerian rhetoric" and then unleashed them en masse to wreak havoc on the Capitol and stage a coup is entirely bogus. In fact it is just another textbook example of how the lying mouthpieces of the oligarchy continuously defame innocent people whom they don't like.

The media really is the "enemy of the people," and so is Big Tech, which shortly afterwards took away the President's ability to defend himself in the public square.

Here is a clear timeline of what happened (also bear in mind the distances between the White House and the Capitol).

12:00 noon - Trump starts speaking near the White House
12:40 pm - First wave of protesters arrive at the Capitol Building
12:55 pm - Outer perimeter of the Capitol breached
1:00 pm - Capitol police are "getting slammed"
1:09 pm - Capitol Police Chief called the Sergeants-at-arms of the House and Senate and told them it was time to call in the National Guard
1:11 pm - Trump stopped speaking
1:50 pm - The Capitol Building itself is breached
1:56 pm - The time at which an attendee at Trump's speech could be expected to reach the Capitol
2:26 pm - Capitol Police Chief on conference call to Pentagon calling for back-up
2:30 pm - Senate Chamber evacuated 
2:45 pm - Ashli Babbit shot
5:40 pm - National Guard arrive

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