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No one can really be sure what the "China Virus"*** was created for -- to destroy the Pro-Democracy movement in Hong Kong, stop President Trump being re-elected in a landslide, or accelerate China's rise to global economic dominance -- but one thing it is now doing is killing Roman Catholic bishops on an industrial scale. 

As reported by the Catholic News Agency:

In the past week, nine Catholic bishops have died worldwide after testing positive for COVID-19.

Between Jan. 8 and Jan. 15, bishops across three continents died as a result of the coronavirus. The deceased bishops ranged in age from 53 years old to 91. Five of the bishops died in Europe, where a new strain of COVID-19 has led many countries to implement further restrictions.

Four bishops died on the same day, Jan. 13: Archbishop Philip Tartaglia of Glasgow, who was 70 years old; Bishop Moses Hamungole of Monze, Zambia, who died at the age of 53; 87-year-old Bishop Mario Cecchini of Fano, Italy; and Cardinal Eus├ębio Oscar Scheid, the 88-year-old retired archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Yes, being high up in the Catholic clergy is no protection against this killer virus that was most probably cooked up in a lab by amoral atheist scientists. Is another purpose of Coronavirus to encourage disbelief in the protective power of God?

***NOTE: Trad News officially disavows the term "China Virus" as it spreads misinformation and hatred against the Chinese Communist Party, which is totally responsible for the global pandemic. 


Unknown said...

Your information about that dude named Baked Alaska is incorrect. He is not right-wing. He worked for the Daily Beast a totally left wing rag and hates Trump. Get your facts straight. 2+2 does not equal 5...yet.

Anonymous said...

Baked Alaska is not a Bishop either. Don't know why you are commenting on him here.

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