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The latest news from Afghanistan is that two gunmen on a motorcycle fired on a group of female judges in Kabul, killing two and injuring two others. The attack happened on Sunday morning (Jan 17).

I didn't even know that Afghanistan had female judges, but apparently there are hundreds now.

This does not surprise me, as the West has been stupidly trying to impose its own values and institutions on this deeply Islamic country, ever since it was invaded in the wake of 9-11. 

But with US forces pulling out and the US-backed puppet regime in Kabul just hanging on, it is only a matter of time before the Taliban resume power. Then we will see a complete rolling back of these Western innovations. But, in this latest incident, it looks like the unknown attackers couldn't wait for the inevitable Taliban victory to get rid of female judges.

The Taliban's official position on sexual equality is 
that women can work and be educated - but only "within the boundaries of Islamic law and Afghan culture."

One thing that is definitely off limits to women, however, is being a judge. Back in 2019, a delegation of women involved in the peace negotiations with the Taliban was told that
 a woman could in theory become prime minister but never president or a judge. 

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