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It looks like Britain's ability to run-itself much better outside the EU is starting to get under the skin of EU leaders. This has become an issue due to the low-rate of vaccination in EU countries, which the EU is attempting to blame on the UK-Swedish-owned vaccine maker AstraZeneca.

As reported by archived normie media:

AstraZeneca’s vaccine production site in Belgium was raided yesterday at the request of the European Commission, as Brussels continued to heap pressure on the British company over delays in jab deliveries.

Belgian officials from the country’s medicines regulator inspected the factory on Wednesday afternoon after the pharmaceutical giant blamed production problems at the plant for a shortfall in vaccine supplies to the bloc. 

The Commision suspects that the company has been selling reserved E.U. vaccine stock to other non-EU countries, including Britain, which are prepared to pay more for the jabs. 

The Commission has also demanded that the shortfall in EU vaccines be made up by diverting AstraZeneca vaccines made in Britain to the EU. The company, however, said British orders had to be fulfilled first before British-made supplies could be diverted to Europe. This move has been backed by the UK government.

The EU has been lagging behind in its efforts to vaccinate its people. Britain meanwhile has been one of the world leaders. As of 27th January, the UK had already vaccinated 10.28% of its population, compared to 1.77% for France, 1.98% for Germany, 2.14% for Italy, 2.49% for Spain, and 1.86% for Belgium.  

This latest episode just undermines what a good thing Brexit has been, with the U.K. able to respond more quickly and nimbly to this crisis than its former EU partners.

For example, not only did the UK government invest in its own AstraZeneca vaccine, which EU countries are depending on, but the UK was also a world leader in pre-ordering other vaccines in the development stage, ensuring a wide range of options. 

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