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Don't you just love Tik Tok nurses?

It looks like the Covid lockdown in the UK is now killing nearly as many people -- if not more -- than the Coronavirus. And these people are a lot younger! 

This surprising revelation comes from a report by the UK's Department of Health and Social Care, which estimates that the total pandemic death toll could hit 220,000, but also states that 46% of these deaths will be directly caused by the lockdown due to increased suicides, cancer deaths, etc. 

As reported by archived normie media

"The December 17 paper by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) suggests 46 percent will likely die from non-coronavirus related causes, such as cancelled surgeries and suicides. Published by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) yesterday [Jan 29th], the document highlights the unintended effects of lockdowns...

Officials predict around 105,000 additional deaths from the pandemic due to disruption to NHS operations and the economic downturn caused by coronavirus.

Excess deaths caused “directly from COVID-19” are expected to reach around 130,000 by the end of February 2021.

In the same period, the DHSC document suggests 14,000 people will die from “changes to emergency care”.

In addition, 32,000 are expected to die from “changes to adult social care”.

The number of people supposedly "killed by Covid-19" is highly questionable, because the vast majority of these are extremely elderly people with preexisting serious health conditions. While Covid-19 may have been a contributing factor, it is absurd to call these 100% Covid deaths. 

The same is not true of the deaths caused by the lockdown. Someone of working age killing themselves because their business collapsed due to the lockdown is much more a direct victim than an extremely old, sick person who would probably have soon died of something else if Covid had not come along. 

Also, in terms of number of years lost, the Lockdown is having a much more severe effect than the coronavirus because those killed by the lockdown are considerably younger. 

Of course it is hard to quantify this, but it seems reasonable to say that Covid was not the main factor in the deaths of most of those supposedly "killed" by it, due to their age and medical history. In fact it would be fair to see Covid as contributing about 10% to each fatality on average.

In the case of those killed by the lockdown, the factor of causation would be much higher, at least 50%.

Add to this the numbers of years lost in each case. A generous figure for so-called Covid fatalities would be 5 years lost on average. For deaths caused by lockdowns, a fair estimate of years lost would be around 30 years. 

So, if we now analyse the two figures of 130,000 "Covid deaths" and 105,000 "Lockdown deaths" in the light of the above factors, we get the following much more accurate comparison:

130,000 X 10% X 5 years lost =
65,000 years lost directly by Covid

105,000 X 50% X 30 years lost =
1,575,000 years lost directly by Lockdowns

This means that if there had not been any lockdowns, the British population would have gained over 1.5 million additional years of life from those whose lives have been ended or shortened by the lockdowns.

This figure does not even take account of the large number of babies who are not being born because of this pandemic, which would probably at least double it.

Of course, if there was not a lockdown then more people would conversely have died from Covid.

The report states that a further 228,000 people could have died in the space of three months if the government hadn’t imposed the national lockdown. If we double this to reflect the number of people saved from Covid during the earlier lockdown last year that gives us 456,000 people. But we must still take into account that Covid would only have been a 10% contributing factor and that the number of years lost would only be, on average, around five. 

This gives us a directly comparable figure of "years of life saved" by Lockdown that we can then weigh against "years of life lost" by lockdown:

Years of life saved by Lockdown:

Years of life lost by Lockdown (not counting reduced births):

Yes, by this fair-minded estimate, the lockdown is killing almost SEVEN times as many "human years" as it is saving -- and that's without counting reduced birth rates.

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