One-eyed boxing champ with surplus woman

Razorfist, aka The Rageaholic, a YouTube commentator and self proclaimed "Metal Head," projects the edgy image of a rock n' roll alpha, who would never give his trouser salami a 5-fingered handshake, because he's literally swimming in pussy, etc., etc.

In fact, he's on record slagging off anyone who even thinks of "playing five on one." 

But apparently this was yet another case of style over substance, after the YooToober was exposed as a disgusting porn addict and sleazy sausage stranger.

The horrifying truth came out when Rageholic's neglected "significant other" had a fit of rage herself, and tweeted out the truth on Razorfist's own Twitter account:

Razorfist has since gone into "damage control" mode, claiming that his Twitter account was hacked. But the number of people who believe him can probably be counted on the fingers of one hand. 

There has always been a lot of debate about what the term "YouTuber" really means. My own favourite theory is that it means "you" play with your own "tube" because most of the people on it are, in fact, literal wankers. The mountain of evidence continues to grow! 

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  1. I once blew a load down Razorfist's throat then wiped my meat across his mouth.


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