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Alt-Right "leader" Richard Spencer had an embarrassing "Boomer tech" moment today when he was unable to perform an easy task on BitChute and had to ask for tech assistance, only to be told how simple it was. 

The deeply shameful incident happened while the White nationalist Trump-hater was uploading one of his videos to the Alt-tech video platform to share with his fans and followers.

Spencer, who has a trust fund and hasn't had to work a day in his life, realised that he had uploaded a thumbnail with a spelling mistake along with the video. Unable to change the thumbnail, a relatively simple operation, he then deleted the entire video and started to re-uploaded it. He also 
tweeted BitChute to ask for tech assistance, in case the second thumbnail was also misspelled:

BitChute kindly replied with some incredibly simple advice for Spencer, whose IQ is supposedly in the 130+ range. 

They even sent a photo to show him where the "top corner" was. 

Even though Spencer has a long track record of making stupid decisions in the past, most people 
continued to believe that he was actually a highly intelligent individual, generously attributing his poor decision-making to simple laziness or a callow, self-destructive nature. But his inability to understand something as simple as this, has raised serious doubts about his IQ, with 130 looking extremely optimistic now. 

Also, i
t is hard to say how much this damages his credibility with Zoomers, because it was already pretty low with that younger tech-savvy demographic. But this is how Spencer looks to Zoomers now:

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