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Spencer is highly respected for his views on Swiss-cheese-themed fast food

The Alt-Right in its correct context was an enormous success. It was never, as many people mistakenly thought, a political movement nor even a metapolitical movement.

Viewed in those terms, it is a clear and ridiculous failure. But viewed as an avant-garde comedy movement, it was a tremendous success. In fact, it is the gift that keeps giving -- and those "gifts" are mainly gut-ripping laughs and squeals of hilarity.

Yes, ever since the more astute among us realised what the Alt-Right really was -- a brilliant and daring new form of comedy improv -- it has provided one fully-fatted lolcow after another. 

Whether it was the Matt Heimbach cuckbox incident, Jewey (((Enoch))) going full 1488, the Pilleater Tape revelations about "Grindr Greg", Spencer's fast food  critiques, or any of the other degenerate but hilarious "situation art" moments that the Alt-Right has vomited forth, the movement has been an incredible laugh-a-thon.

The latest in a long line of Lolcows is now Richard Spencer's undying hatred and relentless obsession with Nick Fuentes, who, to be fair, has his own record as a catboy-fixated Lolcow. 

Fuentes, living rent-free in Spencer's noggin since at least Charlottesville

Spencer's obsession with Fuentes, which inevitably has a "gay" catty vibe due to Spencer's campy voice and submasculine demeanor, has been kicked into high gear by Nick's recent involvement in the recent Capitol Hill Siege, where Trump fans, antifa, and Fed shills staged a "largely peaceful protest" to troll the confirmation of Joe Biden's controversial "election victory."

In recent days, the prospect of Nick facing criminal charges for his role in this event has seen Spencer touching himself in an indecent manner and indulging in some rather unmanly schadenfreude.

Here he is in full school monitor mode, tugging earnestly at teacher's sleeve:

And here he is LARPing as a lisping Atticus Finch whacking off in court:

Then there is the inevitable "concern trolling" -- the most beta form of bile:

Actually, Trad News has it from a well-placed source that Spencer was crying dark tears of joy as he typed these words, while also biting deeply into his trembling lower lip...which bled

Will Spencer ever stop obsessing about Fuentes, who is merely a smaller, slightly smarter version of himself?

Of course not! Because it's all about the LOLs and that's what the Alt-Right has always been about.

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