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When all the layers of cucking and irony have been peeled this is all that remains.
Things are getting pretty weird in Sweden, which, as everyone knows, is the most cucked nation in the World, famous for memes like this (which, surprisingly, you can still find with Google Search):
And this:

But now it seems that the Swedes, or at least Swedish males, may have had enough. Yes, the spirit of the ancient Vikings may finally be stirring. 

A recent opinion poll revealed that there is now a MASSIVE split between the way young Swedish men and young Swedish women intend to vote. 

According to the poll, the most popular party for young Swedish males (above, right) is the anti-immigrant Swedish Democrats (SD), which scores 28.6%. For females in the same age group (under 30), it only gets 11.9%.

The SD is stigmatised as "racist" and "Neo-Nazi" by its totally cucked opponents, even though it is mainly just a common sense, anti-mass-immigration, and pro-assimilationist party. Still, this is about as hard core as Swedes can go until the Overton Window moves a little more.

Meanwhile, young Swedish women are really fucked in the head, with their most popular party being the Left Party (V), essentially a totally ethnomasochistic, gender-anarchist version of the old Communist Party. 

Adding weight to the thesis that young Swedish women are really messed up is the massive row brewing up in Sweden even on the Left about transgenderism. This comes following a report of a 1500% rise, between 2008 and 2018, in "gender dysphoria diagnoses" among 13- to 17-year-olds born as girls, i.e. girls thinking they were boys.

The sooner young Swedish males rediscover the rampant masculinity of their Berserker ancestors the better. 

Getting there...

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