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Multiculturalism always leads to extreme violence, but there are serious doubts that the recent shooting in Hanau, Germany, is part of this picture.

According to press reports, a 43-year-old incel shot up some Muslims at two "local" shisha bars (places where Muslims go to smoke hookah pipes), with the death toll around 10 at the moment.

The media have quickly moved to call this a "Neo-Nazi"/ "White nationalist" shooting, but, we should continue to be sceptical about that. 

The political situation in Germany is very tense at the moment, with the anti-imiigrant AfD Party threatening to make breakthroughs, so the possibility of a false flag attempt to discredit German nationalists should not be dismissed.

The shooter has been identified as "Tobias Rathjen," now dead. And, guess what, he has a 24-page manifesto in perfect grammatical German that apparently details his motivation. How convenient! This has allowed the media to spin this attack as a "Nazi" terrorist atrocity straight off the bat, while the story is still hot. 

Of course this in contrast to the way that Islamist terrorist attacks are reported, where the story is allowed to cool off for a few days before the Jihadist motivations are confirmed. 

According to the supposed "manifesto," which may or may not have been cooked up in some Deep State office, Tobias Rathjen claimed to hate foreigners and non-whites, and called for the "extermination" of various countries in North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia (all majority Muslim). He justified this by saying that  science "proves" that certain races are superior. 

He also admitted to being an incel, while also saying he had not had a relationship with a woman for the last 18 years "out of choice." (Hate to split hairs, but that would make him a "volcel.")

And now the best part. He also asserted that he had been under surveillance by the intelligence services for his entire life, and claimed that various prominent figures, including President Trump and Liverpool FC coach J├╝rgen Klopp stole his ideas. 

This might be the rantings of a genuine lunatic or merely something put in by a Deep State author to bolster its apparent "authenticity" so as to refute claims by high-information critics that it is a Deep State document.

Viewed logically, here are the only possibilities:

(1) This was a false flag attack with a Deep State actor (possibly under some sort of mind control)
A genuine nutcase (who wrote his own manifesto)
A genuine nutcase (with the manifesto subsequently planted by the Deep State)

There is also a video of Tobias Rathjen saying some nutty stuff. But there is nothing particularly Wignat about it. It's more conspiritard than anything.

Anyway the one thing this attack is not is a sane White nationalist deciding to wage some sort of asymmetric warfare against mass immigration and racial replacement. That might happen at some stage in the future but clearly did not happen this time.

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