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President Recep Erdogan has finally gone "full retard" and launched his migrant bioweapon against Europe, after suffering serious setbacks in Syria.

The bioweapon consists of millions of Syrian and other Muslim migrants -- mainly young men -- who are keen to invade Europe and receive all the welfare benefits that are usually extended to their kind. This will not only cause a major financial burden on EU states, but will also lead to massive social disruption and increased crime. 

As reported by the Daily Express:

Turkey ordered security officials posted at the border with European Union member states to stand down and allow refugees from Syria to cross into the EU, with buses allegedly being organised to help them reach the border.

Turkey earlier this week announced the Police, coastguards and border security officials had been ordered to stand down and stop preventing refugees to cross the border into EU member states. Video emerged on social media purportedly showing buses in Istanbul loading up tens of refugees to escort them to Edirne, a town close to Turkey's border with Greece and Bulgaria. Several men can be seen getting onto the white bus in what appears to be the suburb of Istanbul.

Additional photos shared on Twitter also show at least five buses waiting to be loaded before heading for the border despite Ankara having previously struck an agreement with the European Union to regulate the flow of Syrian refugees allowed to cross into the bloc from Turkey.

Erdogan's demented logic here is that the EU has not done enough to support his aggressive policy in Syria, where Turkish forces have occupied parts of the neighbouring country and is supporting jihadist fighters opposed to the Syrian government. Recently 33 Turkish soldiers were killed by the Syrian army in one attack as they were fighting alongside Jihadist rebels. 

Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has also called NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg requesting NATO assistance under Article 4 of the NATO Treaty. This requires NATO partners to consider requests for help from a NATO member that is under threat. 

But Turkey is not under threat, as it is illegally interfering in the affairs of its neighboring country. However, by using his mass migrant bioweapon, Erdogan hopes to create an actual threat to Europe that will force NATO to take "defensive" action by doing what he wants. 

Yes, to be precise, Erdogan is actually committing an act of war against Europe in order to force NATO to defend Europe by attacking the Syrian army and possibly its Russian backers.

This is the best example yet of Clown World Geopolitics!

Meanwhile in Greece, citizens are rioting against the migrants who are already there.

As reported by France24:

Hundreds of residents attacked police officers guarding the sites of the future detention camps on the islands of Lesbos and Chios. A large crowd later laid siege for hours to a Lesbos army camp where riot-control squads were billeted.

Dozens of police officers were injured during the unrest, and the Greek government’s spokesman said many of the riot police deployed to the islands this week would be pulled out.

Government migration officials have vowed to press ahead with plans to replace overcrowded and squalid migrant camps with more restrictive detention centers. But local officials and residents oppose the plans, with many demanding that no migrants should remain on the islands.

Local authorities declared a 24-hour strike and staged large protest rallies that devolved into the violence Wednesday. Greek officials said 43 police officers were injured on Lesbos, which sees the most arrivals as migrants cross the sea from nearby Turkey. Two had leg wounds from shotgun blasts, officials said.

Wow, this is really starting to look interesting, and that's even without the impact that the corona virus will start to have if large groups of migrants start wandering through Europe. 

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