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The latest Alt-Righter to be doxxed is Paul Kersey, who runs the site “Stuff Black People Don’t Like,” which promotes the meme of a "Black-run America" where Black-on-White crime is tolerated. Kersey is also Jared Taylor's podcasting partner on the American Renaissance podcast.  

It turns out that Kersey is some guy called Michael J. Thompson, who wrote for normie GOP site WorldNetDaily from 2012 to November 2018. This was previously alleged by the doxxer Katie McHugh when she spoke to Buzzfeed last June, but now McHugh has dumped new and corroborating information, including emails that show Thompson's dealings with various right-wingers and people at Breitbart, including Steve Bannon.

Here's the dox from Right Wing Watch:

In one email provided...by former Breitbart editor Katie McHugh, Thompson can be seen pitching conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi as a potential guest on the SiriusXM radio program produced by Breitbart News, which Bannon hosted at the time. Bannon declined, writing back, “Zero interest,” and “Not a fan.”​ ...

McHugh, the former Breitbart editor, was friends with Thompson in his WorldNetDaily days—she dated Thompson’s buddy DeAnna. McHugh was fired from Breitbart News in 2017 for anti-Muslim tweets she posted after a terror attack in London.

On June 6, 2019, McHugh tweeted a photo of VDARE founder Peter Brimelow and his wife Lydia Brimelow that McHugh said was taken at Thompson’s 2014 wedding. In a follow-up tweet, McHugh alleged that Thompson was the author of Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

I met McHugh for the first time at an apartment in Virginia; we sat together on a balcony that overlooked an unremarkable patch of grass and a two-lane road. She recounted painful personal stories from her time involved in white nationalist politics and the trauma she experienced while separating herself from those circles. Her voice was drenched in personal regret; she feared that the hate she had participated in was gaining meaningful political power in America. She drank Diet Coke.

McHugh provided...copies of emails in which Thompson is seen interacting, primarily using his personal email account, with other white nationalist activists and people associated with Breitbart News. Right Wing Watch was able to determine that the emails shared by McHugh are authentic.

So, apart from Katie McHugh saying some guy at WorldNetDaily was Paul Kersey, how did they nail it that Kersey was Thompson? The answer: voice analysis:

As Thompson settled into his status as a white nationalist columnist, he began appearing as Paul Kersey more frequently on cause-aligned podcasts and radio programs. Right Wing Watch hired one of the nation’s leading certified forensic ​audio consultants to perform biometric voice identification, comparing recordings of Thompson speaking on video for WorldNetDaily with audio samples of the voice recorded as Paul Kersey on different web-hosted audio programs—The Political Cesspool, Red Ice TV, and American Renaissance​—over a multiyear span.

The audio forensic expert hired by Right Wing Watch, who asked not to be named due to this report’s subject matter and the possibility that he and his employees would be targeted for threats and violence, has consulted ​for many national media outlets and testified as an expert witness in local, state, and federal courts across the United States.

SIS II software was used to determine that the three “Paul Kersey” voice recordings provided ​by Right Wing Watch matched the Thompson voice recording with​ probabilities of 92.9​ percent, 98.5 percent, and 99.3 percent. The forensic consultant said that “even if somebody tries to disguise their voice,” the software can still map data points and do comparative analysis “independent of subjective interpretation.”

What does all this prove? It proves that if your are going to be an activist in a dissident cause, it is probably better to do so openly and in your own name, because the day of the dox will undoubtedly come, and when it does it just makes your past behaviour look cowardly and your ideas sinister. 

The fact is that Kersey's schtick, namely that Black crime is not properly addressed for political and political correctness reasons, is a valid critique and should not have to hide in the shadows inside a sock.

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