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Following December's election, Britain is now a one-party state ruled by a small Machiavellian clique centred around Conservative PM Boris Johnson. 

Even if the Labour Party played its cards right and the Conservative Party shot itself in both feet on a regular basis, Labour are clearly out of power for at least the next ten years.

So, what about the Conservatives? The bad news is that they are basically technocratic Neoliberal globalists with a thin veneer of "patriotism." So, who is left to look after the real interests of ordinary native Brits?

Step forward brave "Sir" Tommy Robinson, with yet another "patriotic" group. This time founded with YouTuber Sargon of Akkad (aka Carl Benjamin) and the woman who started the Brexit Party, before she was kicked out of it for "bad tweets."

As reported by the Brexit-hating New European:

The founder of the Brexit Party has launched a new group - alongside former EDL frontman Tommy Robinson and...UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin.

Catherine Blaiklock, who was booted from her post leading the Brexit Party once it was founded for racist tweets, hopes her new organisation will challenge "woke, progressive and Anglophobic worldview" on people.

The "alliance of free speech activists" aim to launch their group at the end of the month as an attempt to balance out what they claim is an "increasing left wing liberal bias in our society."

...[T]he group claims: "Neither the Islamisation of our culture nor the grooming gang scandal has not been enough to wake people up. But there is a growing concern about the LGBT agenda sexualising our young children and the draconian clamp down on free speech. And with Brexit now delivered (in some shape or form) this distraction has now been removed," group spokesman Peter Mcilvenna told Politicalite.

Will this even be a political party, or just some sort of fringe pressure group? The latter I think:

"More or less everyone we have spoken to say its time that we all work together. This movement will be a loose alliance of many big hitters that will work together to challenge the liberal agenda and educate the public and provide the tools to push back the tide. It will be a cultural movement that seeks to educate through media and regular face to face gatherings."

"We want a conversation on Islam. We want to bring parental common sense into the discussion on LGBT. We want to reclaim freedom of speech."

Blaiklock and Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, are supported by Carl Benjamin who rose to prominence in UKIP under Gerard Batten.

Yet another vaguely patriotic micro group/party that focuses on proxy issues -- "muh free speech" in this case -- rather than directly addressing and supporting legitimate ethno-nationalist ideas. 

Mark Collett's recently launched Patriotic Alternative, of course, is ethno-nationalist. But that party is going nowhere fast because it is handicapped by its retarded Naziist, Jew-heavy take on things. Also Collett's close association with people like David Duke and a woman who looks like a giant swastika doesn't help.

Also, here's the Party's deputy head, Laura Towler, associating herself with the Blackshirts and the Fascists of the 1930s. Whatever you think about that movement, politically and outside Italy, it's just a graveyard.

Then there is Anne-Marie Waters and the For Britain Party, which is probably the best of the bunch, thanks to its relatively good leadership -- Waters herself and dependable lieutenants like former BNP master-organiser Eddy Butler. 

But, apart from gaining support and good vibes from the likes of 80s music legend Morrissey, For Britain is far from perfect, with its weird collection of anti-Islamist proxy issues, which include being pro-gay, pro-feminist, and animal rights. 

Animal rights, FFS! What Brits need is a party that asserts their rights, but without engaging in the sort of toxic Nazi crap that merely serves to undermine them. 

Really the future is not looking too bright for identitarian politics in Britain right now. Too many big fat egos, dubious soiled baggage, and stupid moronic distractions. 

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