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"All of those words lost in the livestream... like tears... in the rain..."

Following Kevin Michael Grace's split from "tech whizzkid" Luke Ford, the elderly and much-respected member of the dissident right has been trying to get his own channel together. 

But predictably, without the tech wizardly of 'boyish' Gen-Xer Luke Ford to get his acidic and pugnacious takes online, the 64-year-old Canadian right-winger has been running into maximum boomertech issues, meaning that he has about has much presence on YouTube as if he had recently insulted JF Gariepy's lovely lady wife.

KMG tweeted that his recent attempt had not "ported" to YouTube. 

As Kanye West Respecter so eloquently put it: 

"All of those words lost in the livestream... like tears... in the rain..."

You Tube, of course, is an evil multinational that has made its livestreaming procedures unnecessarily complicated, especially for people like Kevin, who remember a golden era when all words were lovingly spellchecked by hand and then reverently printed down on freshly-pulped sheets of Canadian forest.

We certainly hope the Tech Gods will smile down on KMG's fledgling efforts, as his contributions to the Luke Ford show are greatly missed in the Dissident-Right-o-Sphere. Follow KMG on Twitter for updates and check out his channel here (no videos yet but that might change).

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Unknown said...

“the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of inter-generational struggle.”

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