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Last year the Greeks finally kicked out the Leftist Syriza government and voted in a centre-right one. Since then things have started moving slowly in the right direction, with better border control and more focus on the rights of ordinary Greeks rather than on those of fake refugees.

Now the Greek government is going one better by addressing Greece's very serious demographic crisis -- Greek women have a fertility rate of 1.38!!! 

They are even calling this what it actually is -- an issue of "national preservation."

As reported by Newsweek:

The Greek government has started rolling out what has been dubbed a "baby bonus" program in a bid to boost the country's population numbers, offering families with newborns a €2,000 ($2,200) reward.

The bonus program, which came into force this year, seeks to help offset the projected shrinkage of Greece's 10.7 million population, with the country's numbers expected to significantly diminish in the decades to come if birthrates continue to decline, according to the European statistics office, Eurostat.

Greece's new center-right government is so determined to boost population numbers that it is prepared to invest as much as €180m a year in the scheme, according to The Guardian.

"People might think this is an issue of national pride but it's actually one of national preservation," Domna Michailidou, a former Cambridge University academic and the deputy minister of labor and social affairs, told
The Guardian. "Given that high productivity rates are associated with young populations and not actively aging ones, it's also an economic growth priority. The picture becomes even more gloomy when compared with the difficult state of our pensions system."

Personally I think it's going to take a lot more than a baby bonus, but it's great news to see Greece -- and several other European nations -- waking up to what is the most important political issue of all, bar none.

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