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It looks like there is something of a "culture war" going on in Poland over the Holocaust. 

In recent years this has been a bone of contention between the Polish government, which wants to present Poles as innocent victims of the Nazis alongside the Jews. Meanwhile the international "Holocaust Industry" wants to present Jews as the main or sole victims of the Holocaust and focus on those Poles who participated in the Holocaust, even though there were also many Jews who did the same. 

In recent years, the Polish government of the right-wing populist Law and Justice Party has been pushing back hard against this narrative, passing a Holocaust speech law in 2018 that criminalised attempts at "Pole-blaming" for the Holocaust.

The centre of conflict now centres on the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which was opened in Warsaw in 2014. 

Unlike other museums in Poland, which are state-controlled, this museum is a unique private-public partnership. The national government, the city of Warsaw, and a private Jewish historical association representing private donors, including many American Jews, are all allowed a say in the management of the Museum and the appointment of its Director.

As Warsaw is run by Rafał Trzaskowski of the cuckservative Civic Platform party, which sides with the foreign donors, this means that the national government is in the minority on the board of management. 

This has now become a problem after the Museum's Director Dariusz Stola used his position as a platform to criticise the Law and Justice Party's Holocaust speech law and other legal reforms. Now the Polish government is trying to block his reappointment as Museum Director. 

As reported by AP

A long stalemate over the future independence of Warsaw’s landmark Jewish history museum is building toward a crucial turning point after the former director — who won a competition for a second term but whom Poland's populist government refuses to reinstate — offered to renounce the job.

Dariusz Stola announced Tuesday that he was willing to give up his legal right to be director of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews if an agreement can be found “for the institution’s further functioning" because of the damage already done to the acclaimed institution and “the threats that it continues to face."

"An agreement for the institution’s further functioning" is merely code for "making the Museum independent of the Polish government." 

This would then enable it to be used as a platform for challenging the government's nationalist narrative, and would also be used to promote the idea that all non-Jews are "guilty" or at least "complicit" in the Holocaust.

As such fake guilt is then used to attack nationalism and promote open borders immigration, this is a direct attack on the Polish people. Let us hope that the government will remain strong here, get rid of the stooge Stola, and enforce its right to control the way that Polish history -- including the history of the Jews in Poland -- is presented. 

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