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Who says the perfect ally doesn't exist?
In Afghanistan it's no secret that the US forces keep the body count down by hiding in well-fortified camps surrounded by minefields, tripwires, infra-red cameras, and killer drones that blow up any goat, rattlesnake, or beetle that wanders into the kill zone. 

But occasionally the GIs have to foray out for some reason or other. Maybe they just want to see what an Afghan looks like or pick some daisies for their flower-pressing albums. Who knows? Who f**king cares?

But if they do venture out they will always be accompanied by an unpopular group of local mercenaries known as the "Afghan National Army." This group of "allies" is supposed to serve as their bodyguard and protect them from small boys who might throw stones or, even worse, the real Afghan army, namely the Taliban. 

Sadly it doesn't always work out well, as reported by Sputnik News:

On Saturday, USFOR-A spokesperson Col. Sonny Leggett told reporters that "a combined US and Afghan force conducting an operation in Nangarhar Province was engaged by direct fire" a day before.

Two US service members were killed and six others wounded in a firefight in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday, US military officials have confirmed.

"We are still collecting information and the cause or motive behind the attack is unknown at this time", spokesman for US forces in Afghanistan Colonel Sonny Leggett stated. "Current reports indicate an individual in an Afghan uniform opened fire on the combined US and Afghan force with a machine gun".

The incident took place on 8 February in Nangarhar Province, eastern Afghanistan, where American troops are carrying out a security operation.

"An Afghan uniform" in this case is an admission that it was one of America's own armed, trained, and paid mercenaries allies who did this. 

The U.S. has already admitted defeat in Afghanistan and is just trying to get out without looking like a total loser. But how many GIs will lose their lives like this just so politicians back home can save face?

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1 comment

Silverwolf said...

The 2 dead were both beaners. Who cares?

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