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For London's police there is no more important duty than combating prejudice against the City's LGBTQ+ community by putting on face paint and blowing their whistles as they dance with scantily-clad gay men. 

In fact, due to the added workload this creates, the police no longer bother with petty crimes like burglary, murder, and terrorism -- unless of course there is a gap in the gay pride events calendar.

By a lucky chance, today (Sunday 2nd) was just such a day. So, when a demented Islamist terrorist started hacking away at innocent people in the London borough of Streatham with a machete, the police were able to promptly respond and shoot the terrorist dead. In fact they didn't even have to remove their sprinkles.

As reported by the Telegraph:

The Met first revealed details of the incident at around 3pm when it issued a tweet urging people to avoid the area. Officers then said the incident was thought to be terror-related.

Shortly before 4pm, they announced a man had been shot dead, then confirmed multiple people were stabbed.

Three people are known to have been injured. One is in a life-threatening condition.

Police warned the man could have been in possession of a bomb, but they later confirmed it was a hoax device.

It is understood the man shot dead by police was under active counter terrorism surveillance, and Scotland Yard has confirmed the plainclothes officers on the scene were there to take part in an active counter terrorism operation.

Notice the calming phrase "terrorist-related." That makes it sound so much nicer, doesn't it, in the same way that warmth is "fire-related."

So who was the perp this time? Once again this is somebody the police have known about for a while. 

The Telegraph understands the attacker was a convicted terrorist called Sudesh Amman.

He was jailed in 2018 after admitting 13 terror offences and was described by police as "knife obsessed".

He was released halfway through his prison sentence.

He sent beheadings videos to his girlfriend and advised her to kill her "kuffar" parents.

Amman told her: "If you can't make a bomb because family, friends or spies are watching or suspecting you, take a knife, molotov, sound bombs or a car at night and attack the tourists (crusaders), police and soldiers of taghut, or western embassies in every country you are in this planet."

The beheading thing he got from ISIS, of which he was a self-affiliating member. Exactly the kind of person we all want to see released half-way through his sentence. I mean, he'd probably be grateful. Or maybe not, as the case may be. 

The dead terrorist's ethnicity is still unclear. Sudesh is actually a Hindu first name and Amman could be from anywhere, plus he looks kind of mixed. The report of his previous conviction also points to a broken home. Really, modern multicultural Britain is producing people like this by the millions.

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