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Canada's Stasi government seems to be cracking down hard on Dissident Righters.

The Council of European Canadians website (CEC) has been a constant fixture in the Dissident Right since 2014. Throughout its six years the site has promoted sensible and even respectable identitarianism for European Canadians.  But, now, after six years with the same hosting company, it has just received a "Notice of Termination of Services" with only one month to transfer its operation to another domain. 

The site's editors have called for donations in order to assist with the transfer: 

The company that has hosted us for almost six years has sent us a "Notice of Termination of Services".

We need to transfer the domain ownership away from the current provider. They have given us a month to move to another domain.

This will cost money.  Don't let the enemies of Canada get away with their efforts to destroy CEC!

CEC is the only media in Canada that advocates in the interests of White Canadians.

We want to migrate the site to another host. With your financial support we believe we can improve the services of CEC.

We are very thankful to those who have supported us over the years.

Since PayPal cut us off, we have been using a new e-Transfer donation button.

We do need your support to continue to protect and enhance the ethnic interests of EuroCanadians!

This latest suspicious development comes after reports that Canadian dissident righter Kevin Michael Grace, the former co-host of the Luke Ford show, had been kicked off PayPal and has also had financial services denied him by Western Union. This was apparently after pressure from the Canadian government according to Grace.

Adding to the evidence of a Stasi-like crackdown on the dissident right, Rebel Media chief Ezra Levant is now being "investigated" for a possible "breach of the law" after publishing a book critical of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Levant was clever enough to record his interrogation by representatives from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Are all these moves against dissident right-wing thinkers just a coincidence, or is there now a growing purge against the Dissident Right in Canada? 

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