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President Donald Trump took time out from his busy golfing and tweeting schedule to travel down to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to personally check on the latest batch of "fully processed" globalist cannon fodder meat. 

As reported by CBS News:

President Trump traveled here Monday to pay respects to two U.S. soldiers killed Saturday in Afghanistan when a soldier dressed in an Afghan army uniform opened fire with a machine gun.

The Defense Department identified the dead American soldiers as Sergeant Javier Jaguar Gutierrez, 28, of San Antonio and Sergeant Antonio Rey Rodriguez, also 28, of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Six other American soldiers were wounded in the attack.

The meat, which was contained in two boxes draped in the American flag, had reached its full globalist "cannon fodder" state at a processing facility in Afghanistan. 

After being fattened up for several months in giant holding pens (called "military camps" for PR reasons), the cannon fodder is usually allowed to go "free range" for a short period, when it is usually slaughtered by unpaid Afghani abattoir workers to reach its final meat stage. 

It is then packaged in nice boxes with U.S. flags on, and sent back to the U.S., where it is believed fat globalists and billionaires dine on it with a nice Chianti, as a chorus of boomers chant "U-S-A! U-S-A!" in the background.

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