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For the past few weeks, us Whiteys have been feeling all too smug about the Coronavirus. 

"Yeh, we just don't eat the bat soup so doesn't effect us, LOL."

We started to think our DNA is so different from East Asians that the virus would maybe give us a slight cold or a few sniffles at the worst. 

Every time an "American" or a "Brit" caught it, it turned out to be a Chinese American or a Chinese tourist in Britain. 

Bloody fake news media! "Not our problem" we complacently assumed. 

But then we started hearing about Iran and Italy, and the numbers suggested that they couldn't all be Chinese tourists, so we started paying attention again. 

Now it seems that the virus does in fact kill White people, even the ones who have never been near a bat. As reported by the Daily Mirror:

A 78-year-old man has become the first European person to die after being infected with the coronavirus, health authorities said today.

The man, named by Italian news agency Ansa as retired bricklayer Adriano Trevisan, died at a hospital in Padua, northern Italy.""
Mr Trevisan, from the village of Vo' Euganeo near Padua, had recovered some 10 days earlier from an unrelated health issue, Italy's health minister said.""As his health deteriorated earlier this week, he was admitted to hospital along with another person, aged 67, who had tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus.

The two men knew each other and used to play cards at the same cafes, Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reports.

The 67-year-old is currently in intensive care, Veneto's president Luca Zaia said.

Yes, and if that name wasn't enough to convince you, here is his picture:

"Hello my fellow Chinese."
So, there it is -- White people -- you are now also on the Grim Reaper's corona virus list, so better start taking precautions, especially as Western governments are ill-prepared to take the kind of extreme measures the Chinese government has been taking to stay on top of the outbreak. 

No wonder the stock market is finally plunging.

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