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In an ad that looked more like a Stone Toss cartoon than an attempt to sell air tickets, Scandinavian Airlines took a massive dump on all native Swedes, Danes, and other Scandinavians for no obvious commercial reason whatsoever. 

The "commercial," which was posted on YouTube and then Tweeted today (11th Feb) asked, "What is truly Scandinavian?" and then answered "Absolutely nothing... Everything is copied."

The ad also implied that even Scandinavians didn't come from Scandinavia by showing a disproportionate number of recent migrants, instead of native Scandinavians.

Alongside shots of fat, ugly, and stupid Whites, the ad also showed a 100% Black man mockingly talking about "our Viking ancestors."

In fact just watch the video to see how shit it was:

What the fuck kind of reaction did they expect from that? The video quickly went viral, but in an extremely negative way, as it was retweeted, criticised, and down-voted by Dissident Righters on social media.

Within a matter of minutes this "woke" crap gained a feeble 354 "Thumbs Up" from a few cucks against a massive 17,115 "Thumbs Down."

When SAS saw this enormous backlash they panicked and shut down comments and then made the video "private" -- a total victory for the forces of White pride and identity.

Looks like they must have hired this ad agency:

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