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Gatekeeper "dissident" philosopher Jordan Peterson appears to have gone off the deep-end with prescription drugs. 

But the good news is that he is now taking radical measures to de-tox and overcome his addiction, according to a video released recently by his under-dressed daughter, Mikhaila.

The oddest thing about this story, however, is that Peterson, 57, has had to go all the way to Russia to get his life back on track, as CBC recapped:

Jordan Peterson, the polarizing pundit and University of Toronto professor, is in a Russian hospital undergoing drug detox treatment and recovering from a severe bout of pneumonia, his daughter has revealed.

Jordan Peterson's family says he has sought "emergency" drug detox treatment in Russia, after several failed attempts to overcome his dependence on a potent anti-anxiety medication.

The controversial University of Toronto psychology professor and internationally famous self-help guru is said to have been in a Moscow hospital for the past month, recovering from both the "incredibly gruelling" treatment and a severe case of pneumonia.

"He's had to spend four weeks in the ICU in terrible shape, but, with the help of some extremely competent and courageous doctors, he survived," his daughter Mikhaila Peterson said in an online video, posted Friday evening. "The uncertainty around his recovery has been one of the most difficult and scary experiences we've ever had."

The drug in question is clonazepam which is supposed to enhance the effect of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) at the GABAA receptor, resulting in sedative, hypnotic (sleep-inducing), anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), anticonvulsant, and muscle relaxant properties. However in the case of Peterson, the drug has been having negative effects and his attempts to wean himself off it has led to akathisia — a type of movement disorder characterised by endless, irresistible restlessness, bordering on panic. 

Peterson's daughter, who seemed to have had the central heating on too high when she made the video, also blamed the medical options in the West, implying that Big Pharma was too dominant.

"The decision to bring him to Russia was made in extreme desperation, when we couldn't find any better option."

It is vital for Peterson to conquer his demons here because being in a tragic mess like this, quite frankly invalidates almost all of his philosophical positions, most of which boil down to living an individually well-ordered life, which he clearly isn't.

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