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On Saturday (8th) 150 nationalists from Patriot Front held a flag rally in Washington DC. 

Patriot Front is a rebranding of Vanguard America, who participated in the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville and was "unfortunately" photographed with James Alex Fields, who was subsequently convicted of "murder" for the death of Heather Heyer following a "vehicle incident," at least partly caused by antifa and the Charlottesville police's failure to maintain order.

Anyway, the key point is that they maintained a nice, positive image -- except for the face masks, which they sadly had to wear due to antifa tactics that focus on personal smears and attacking people in their private lives. 

The group's leader Thomas Ryan Rousseau was the only marcher to show his face, as he made a short speech in front of the Capitol Building.

These look like nice, sensible kids. Let's hope they can avoid falling into the giant retard pit of Neo-Naziism, which swallows so many American nationalists and renders their efforts meaningless. Remember, it's not just about optics, it's about ideology too.

Here is some nice video, helpfully filmed by antifa.

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