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Note: this picture has been specially whitened for purely aesthetic reasons.
The police have finally arrested someone for the 12 "fake bombs" sent to top Democrats and prominent members of the Liberal media. Confirming rumours that this is a Deep State "false flag operation" to influence the Midterm elections, the so-called bomber is a cut-to-measure Trump-supporting "MAGAbomber" by the name of Cesar Sayoc with a van covered in fresh Trump bumper stickers.

The mainstream media is claiming that he is a buffed "Native American" in his 50s who works in a strip-club. 

As reported by the Daily Mail:

The suspect in a mail bombing spree targeting critics of President Donald Trump has been identified. Cesar Altier Sayoc was taken into custody on Friday morning in Plantation, Florida in connection with the 12 suspicious packages that have been discovered this week.

According to Sayoc’s Facebook page, he is a Trump fan who posted pictures and videos of himself at one of the President’s rallies in October 2016. He posted a photograph of himself wearing a MAGA hat in front of the US Capitol in 2017. He is Native American, and according to a picture posted on his social media page, he is a member of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

In a post a year ago, Sayoc shared a photograph of Governor Rick Scott and Donald Trump, writing: ‘The greatest Governor in Country Fla Rick Scott and great friend of We Unconquered Seminole Tribe. Trump Trump Trump.’

This operation is clearly intended to push the false narrative that Trump's rhetoric is "dangerous" and "divisive," whereas it is the Left that has been spewing hate non-stop for years, calling people "racists" and "Nazis" and directly promoting violence against them. 

Also some of the details of this story are a little odd and deserve commenting on, such as the bomber's name. Cesar is a Spanish-language first name, while Sayoc is a Filipino family name, meaning "hungry." This suggests that Sayoc may be someone of Filipino origin rather than a Seminole Indian. 

Either way it is clear that he is a lot more native America than disgraced Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren, who was recently tricked by President Trump into releasing her DNA results, which revealed she was almost zero % Indian. 

But why would the Deep State choose a Flip male stripper LARPing as a Seminole Indian to be their pasty, instead of a typical White Redneck? 

Their are two possible reasons. First, people of confused identity are obviously easier to brainwash than normal people. Someone who had already brainwashed himself into believing he is a Red Indian would obviously be easier to "program" to become a fake bomber. 

The other reason is that choosing a White person to play the patsy role could have had the opposite effect to the one intended. 

In the polarised social mood of contemporary US politics, a White man trying to blow the fuck out of people like Chuck "Schemer" and George Soros could have elicited sympathy and even support from among Trump's White working class base. The advantage of making the bomber non-White is that Whites will automatically feel less sympathy and be more open to the intended message that the operation is trying to push.

Another reason is that people would have trouble believing a White man could make 12 bombs, none of which explode.

Note: this woman has been specially Indianised for purely political reasons.

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