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The governments of all G-7 nations in conjunction with the World Health Organisation have agreed on a new plan to publicly identify the unvaxxed by requiring them all to wear a simple symbol on their clothing.

The symbol is composed of stylised versions of the letters "A" and "V" (standing for Anti Vax) arranged in a fetching "star" pattern. It is in a bright yellow colour for purposed of easy visibility. 

Complaints that the symbol resembles an earlier symbol common in 1940s Germany were dismissed by a WHO spokesman who said, "Wow, that is an interesting coincidence. Please don't worry about it."  

All those who have not been triple jabbed will be required to wear the symbol prominently on their clothing so that they can be denied entry to bars, restaurants, shops, and even their own homes.

Instead large camps made out of corrugated iron and balsa wood will be made available for them. Here they will be offered an exciting choice between barbed wire with matching machine gun towers or an electric fence supplemented by a 50-meter minefield zone. 
They will also be able to choose between gun-toting goons with vicious guard dogs or sadistic thugs with metal-studded clubs as their guards.

The plan is expected to run for a period of several months or until the number of unvaccinated drops off a cliff.

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