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Typical BBC program.
After pushing feminism and multiculturalism till most normal people want to puke, the BBC has now decided that what the UK needs more of is "LGBT" and gay characters to combat what it calls Britain's evil, "heteronormative culture."

The new direction has been signposted in a report on the views and concerns of the state broadcaster's LGBT staff. This kind of report is usually how Cultural Marxist change starts -- followed by "voluntary guidelines," discussion groups, and then total Orwellian enforcement through "hate speech" rules, "crime think" laws, and finally gulags and "reeducation" camps.  

As reported by the cuckservative Daily Telegraph:  

The BBC is going to increase the number of LGBT people appearing in its programmes and news output as part of new diversity reforms. They will be "incidental" portrayals, meaning that their sexuality is not part of a storyline or directly relevant to a news item.

Off-screen and off-air, LGBT staff will be encouraged to "bring their whole self to work" and be open about their sexuality.

Other recommendations include the use of non-binary pronouns used by staff where appropriate, and a network of "straight allies" who will announce their status with pin badges or special email signatures.

They are included in a new report based on a survey of LGBT staff attitudes, which found that many perceived the corporation to have a "heteronormative culture".

These moves to radically change the content and working environment of the UK's state broadcaster, which continues to dominate the UK media, are being made even though only around 1.5% of people in Britain identify as LGBT. In London the number is slightly higher at 2.5%. 

So what is going on here? 

The fact is that the BBC itself is heavily infiltrated by what can be called the "gay mafia," with the BBC admitting that 11% of its staff and 12% of its senior staff are LGBT. By the way, let's drop the term "LGBT," as what we are talking about here are mainly gay men, practically all of them White and middle class.

This crass over-representation of gays could only come about through gay networking, with gays unfairly getting jobs over more qualified straight people, as there is absolutely no reason why men who like it up the Hershy highway should be any more skilled at TV work than any other section of the population, unless of course you are a bigot and simply think that straight people are "televisually inferior" to them.

The BBC is also especially interested in targetting younger audience members, i.e. those who are still uncertain about their sexual identity. 

James Purnell, the BBC's director of radio and education, lays out the plan: 

"One of our big challenges currently is around young audiences. In a recent YouGov survey only 51% of 18 to 24-year-olds said they identified as completely heterosexual. An organisation that appears to have a heteronormative culture is not one that is going to cut ice with them either as a consumer or an employee. We're aiming to create the most open, inclusive culture we can."

Although married to a woman, Purnell is clearly twisting the data in line with the BBC's homosexualist agenda, as only 3.3% of the population aged 16 to 24 identify as LGB (no T) according to the Office for National Statistics. Although even that figure -- higher than the percentage in the general population -- suggests that the BBC and other homosexualists in the media are having some success in "gaying up" the population with their incessant homosexualist propaganda.


nilus said...

I have a good friend, a committed old-school Marxist lefty, who is a professional sound engineer / producer who works often in TV, and has wide experience of working at the BBC. He of course would shudder at the thought of being "homophobic" (etc) but still, he actually said those very words to me: "British TV is ran by a fackin' gay mafia"

nilus said...


Latin! or Tobacco and Boys is a play by Stephen Fry, written in 1979. It was first performed at 'The Playroom', an L-shaped space in St Edwards Passage that belonged to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. It is about life at the fictional Chartham Park Preparatory School For Boys, a prep school in England, and ends up in Morocco, via a homosexual relationship between a teacher and a 13-year-old student.

The title derives from Christopher Marlowe's claim, reported by Richard Baines, that "All they that love not Tobacco and Boys are fools".

A 13 year old boy:

nilus said...

That really ought to be "Fry's Moorish Delight"

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