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Really, what's up with bombers these days? 

Back in WWII nearly 90% of bombs dropped on the UK exploded, with only a 10% failure rate. 

Almost all of the bombs planted by the IRA in the 1970s and 1980s exploded. One of them even took out all the windows in the City of London. 

Then, more recently, jihadi terrorists, while not being the best bomb makers in the World, still manage to blow something up on more than 50% of their attempts, even if it is often themselves.

Now we are being told that, just a few days before the Midterms, a mystery bomber in the USA sent 12 bombs to leading figures in the Democratic Party and their supporters in the "#Resistance," and not even one of them went off!!! 

Not even a fizzle and a bit of smoke!

I mean if this guy was a serious bomber and not part of some possible false flag operation to cause fake outrage against President Trump's so-called "hateful" and "divisive" rhetoric in time for the Midterms, then he would at least have blown something up, even if it was just himself or a post office sorting room.

But no, we are expected to believe that he sent out a dozen duds in the post, and that, by an act of supreme serendipity, not one of the "blessed" individuals targeted -- or their staff -- was harmed. 

I mean, the Democrats now have a better track record for miraculously surviving bomb attacks than Adolf Hitler. I guess that puts a new spin on the Cuckservative meme that the Dems are the real Nazis.

Now, that is an October Surprise!

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