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France's President Emmanuel Macron is well known for his deep concern for the dignity of his Presidential office. In fact, in the past, he has gotten quite stroppy with people who have not shown the "Office of the Presidency" the infinite respect that its deserves.

Back in June, his "Imperial Highness" President Macron even scolded one young man who dared to call him "Manu," the short, informal form of his first name. 

At the annual commemoration of Charles de Gaulle’s 1940 appeal to the French resistance on 18 June, Macron served a daring teenager who made the mistake of greeting him with a “How’s it going, Manu?” with a severe dressing-down.

Macron told the red-faced teen that “Manu”, a popular nickname for Emmanuel, is not an acceptable way to address the president during an official event.

“No, you can’t do that, no, no, no, no. You’re here, at an official ceremony and you should behave. You can play the fool but today it’s the Marseillaise, the Chant des Partisans [a French Resistance song], so you call me ‘Mr President’ or ‘sir’.”

Now, in his latest attempt to enshrine the office of the French Presidency with a Jovian glow of Napoleonic supremacy, President Macron has offered to jerk off a random rapper that he met while visiting the Caribbean, as revealed in the above photo.

It is now becoming clear just exactly why Macron is so in favour of mass immigration from Africa and the Third World. What better way could there be for enhancing the status of France in our modern progressive age than for its President to step forward to provide "executive relief" for Third World migrants stressed by the move to the West? Way to go, Manu!

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