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Feminism is basically Auschwitz with more armpit hair and cats.
If an invading army or aliens entered your country and started destroying the lives of its citizens, you would expect the government to pull its thumb out of its arse and start doing something to defend them. 

This is exactly what feminism has been doing to millions of women in the West -- literally destroying their lives and actually genociding future generations of Westerners with shocking fertility rates. 

But those are unseen victims. 

Much more apparent to the common person is the effect that feminism has on individual women, in the way it sucks them dry of their femininity and turns them into weird-looking tattooed hags with odd-coloured hair. 

Here, in a selection of "before" and "after" photos, are a few examples of this horror story that is unfolding across the West:

Often the feminsim virus strikes after a bout of narcissism and female vanity. An unhealthy interest in photography can be the harbinger.
It is hard to believe that this is the same woman, but it do.
Remember, attention whoring is seldom about being beautiful, as women get attention more easily by destroying what assets God gave them.
Attractive girls like this can be instantly destroyed by feminism within a matter of hours, after studying some shit in college or an ill-advised trip to the hair salon.
When women evolved in the wild as simple fruit gatherers, one of their weak points became an obsession with pointless novelty -- as new colours often meant new fruit!
One of the evil ideas that feminism tries to implant in the minds of its victims is that hair is your enemy unless it is all over your legs or bursting out of your armpits.
Often the putative feminist will seek to reduce her hair mass as her body mass swells. This never ends well. 
Blue hair does not exist in nature, so it is a favourite with feminists, who also don't exist in nature.
By shaving the sides of its head in this disfiguring way, the feminist tries to emphasise its cranial area, naively thinking it will be taken more seriously as an intellectual creature.
But even more disturbing than the external damage that feminism does is the internal mental damage. This formerly nice woman is now technically batshit crazy and only interested in castrating innocent and harmless men, while allowing in millions of Third World immigrants.
Some philosophers think that feminism is not just a mental disease but also a quest for "The Eternal," as feminine beauty is transitory, while feminist ugliness last forever.

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