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Not content with getting Gab kicked off Paypal, Stripe, and cloud hosting company Joyent, the Left now seems to be trying to actually kill Andrew Torba and his family. 

In a recent tweet, the founder of the free speech social media platform informed his followers of a gas attack at the home of his parents that had the clear intention of starting a deadly explosion or fire:

This sounds like the kind of cowardly attack that antifa would carry out, but the other possibility is that the Deep State or even Big Tech are behind it -- as the idea of a Twitter-clone platform that actually allows genuine free speech scares seven shades of shit out of the establishment.

The fact that this gas attack did not result in any deaths this time, suggests that whoever is doing this is mainly interested in intimidating Torba, as killing him or his family members would probably bring down too much heat and give Trump the excuse he probably needs to intervene.

What they are probably aiming at is scaring and demoralising Torba at a time when he is already under enormous personal and psychological pressure due to the deplatforming. The goal is to push him into throwing in the towel and walking away.

Despite the danger, we sincerely hope that Torba sticks to his guns and manages to find another hosting company for Gab, or, better still, founds one himself. In the Orwellian age in which we increasingly live, the value of freedom, both financial and otherwise, is set to skyrocket, and Torba is well placed to profit from that. 

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