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Ben Daley - an obvious crush on Richard Spencer.
In yet more fallout from the Unite the Right march in Charlottesville in 2017, four members of the "Rise Above Movement" (RAM), a self-styled defence squad for the Alt-Right, have now been hoovered up by the Federal prosecution service and served with charges of "conspiring to commit violence."

As reported by a gleeful Huffington Post

Federal authorities in Virginia have arrested several individuals in connection with the violence in Charlottesville in August 2017, a U.S. official said Tuesday.

Four men were slapped with federal conspiracy charges related to the rallies on Aug. 11 and 12: Cole Evan White, Benjamin Drake Daley, Michael Paul Miselis and Thomas Walter Gillen, each identified as marchers in either the torch rally on campus or the deadly gathering at the park the next day.

The federal rioting charges, filed on Aug. 27, 2018, were unsealed on Tuesday. A criminal complaint filed against the four defendants features images of them engaged in violence during “Unite the Right” weekend. According to an affidavit unsealed Tuesday, the four men were “among the most violent individuals present in Charlottesville” last year.

All four defendants are from California and are part of a violent white supremacist group called the Rise Above Movement (RAM), as first documented by ProPublica and “Frontline.”

The article then trawls through their social media, dragging up all the toxic memes popularised around 2015-17 by sites like the Jewish-run (((Daily Stormer))) and the Jewish-controlled (((TRS))).

Ben Daley has used his Facebook page to bash “Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook Jew police” for taking down his “anti Muslim posts”; to suggest that African Americans are “shit” and that former President Obama is a leech; and to cheer the fatal shooting of a black man. “Good riddance,” he wrote.

The night before the Unite the Right rally, Daley and Gillen — a 23-year-old from Torrance, California — were among those who marched through UVA’s campus carrying torches. They chanted “Jews will not replace us!” and attacked anti-racist protesters.

Did you see what they managed to do there?  

A march carried out to make the point that White heritage and culture are under attack by the Left has now been associated with violence and genocidal rhetoric aimed at Blacks, Jews, Muslims, etc. 

All because the Alt-Right, under its great leaders, Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, failed to impose any kind of "movement hygiene" or top-down denunciations of violence and retarded memes that would prevent the mainstream media and the Federal authorities from lazily making these kinds of associations.

Also, with regard to the absurd chant "Jews will not replace us," did anyone even bother to check the stats on that, as the Jews are intermarrying with non-Jews at a self-destructive rate and simply won't exist as a cohesive group outside the marginalised state of Israel.

But back to Charlottesville. Yes, we know that practically all the violence that occurred on that day was started by the Left and facilitated by a Leftist-controlled police department, but if you're not paying attention to outcomes, you are not really paying attention.  

Even if you think the above points are bullshit -- maybe along the lines of the retarded meme "They're gonna call us Nazis anyway, bro" -- consider the very real damage that has been done to the lives of the four naive, young men in this case by being associated with the Alt-Right and its irresponsible leadership. Here are some more gloating lines from the article:

"Miselis, the third RAM member listed in charges unsealed Tuesday, was an aerospace engineer for defense contractor Northrop Grumman until this past July, when he was fired from his job after his membership in RAM was exposed by ProPublica...

White, the fourth defendant, lost his job at Top Dog restaurant in Berkeley, California, after being exposed as having marched...in Charlottesville."

Yes, healthy young men with essentially good instincts about protecting their community thrown on the scrapheap at a time when they should be thinking about raising families.

Yes, this is the result of a one-sided justice system and media-imposed "morality" that tolerates violent antifa scum but attacks nationalists. But it is also the result of retarded and self-defeating memes and the stupid, short-sighted, and selfish leadership of Alt-Right arseholes like this:

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Founder of the Ult-Right said...

As the founder of the Ultimate Right - forever to be known along the corridors of eternity as the Ult-Right, I am now organizing a Unite & Fight march in downtown Los Angeles against the four million illegal (and greasy) Mexicans now living there. Our cry, "Spics Will Not Replace Us!", will follow us into battle as we punch and kick our way from one end of the city to the other. My second in command - Matt Heimbach - will be on hand to sign autographs and screw your wife in the bushes, so come join the action!

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