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Many people misunderstand what the British Royal Family is. What it is, and has always been -- since it lost power sometime in the 17th century -- is a selection of highly prominent NPCs (non-player characters), existing in the foreground of British society and obediently promoting images and ideas that the British establishment wants to put out there.

Right now the message being pushed, as we see with the NPC wedding of Prince Harry (npc_royal[{if hair --> red}]) and Meghan Markle (npc_royal[{if race --> acceptably black}]), is multi-racial globalism. In order to drive the message home, we have been told that (npc_royal[{if race --> acceptably black}]) is pregnant. 

This is not an actual human pregnancy like "meatbots" (i.e. humans) have, but merely an additional line of code entered into the system (npc_royal[{if size --> small}{if hair --> frizzy}{if race --> "human"}] ).

As royal NPCs develop and interact with a wide number of meatbots, they can, however, occasionally take on human characteristics, and even develop a kind of low level consciousness. 

Whenever this happens and a royal NPC "wakes up," he or she could start to make unpredictable real time decisions that may have disastrous consequences on British society -- at least from the point of view of the establishment. In cases like this, the royal NPC is quickly removed from "the game." 

Here are two examples. One from 1936:

And one from 1997:

The latest generation of the Royal Family are no different from their fore-bearers, obediently sending out the message that the establishment approves of, in the full glare of an adoring mass media. 

If not, they are soon history. 

Will the as-yet unnamed (npc_royal[{if size --> small}{if hair --> frizzy}{if race --> "human"}] ) become an important royal background character or not? Only our programming can reveal that.

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