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In a scene that seems straight out of Jean Raspail's prophetic novel "The Camp of the Saints." a column of thousands of Honduran and other Central American migrants have broken into Mexico and are heading for the US border.

This looks like an attempt to interfere with the US Midterm elections, but there are other possible motives.

One thing is certain: this is NOT a spontaneous, organic, natural occurrence. 

Already video has emerged of the marchers apparently being paid and trucked North. This operation is clearly being financed by someone with an agenda. But who?

So far there have been rumours that drug cartels are behind it, as pressure on the border in one place could facilitate operations elsewhere. 

Another theory is that it is someone like George Soros, who is doing this to influence the US elections. One problem with this theory, however, is that the caravan is likely to mobilise support for Trump and the Republican Party. So, hey, maybe that's what's going on -- some rich Republican donor. 

But that would be a risky strategy for a Republican.

The latest twist is that it's the Venezuelans, at least according to Honduran President, Juan Orlando Hernandez, who told Vice President Mike Pence that the caravan is being financed by the Left-wing, "oil poor" South American dictatorship.

“The President of Honduras told me this was organized by leftist groups in Honduras and financed by Venezuela,” Pence declared in an appearance on the Washington Post Live vlog on Tuesday (23rd). 

The information was given to Pence in a phone call with Hernandez on the migration situation. 

If this turns out to be true, it is astonishing, as Venezuela is in deep economic trouble, yet they are subsidizing thousands of migrants moving up to the US border in what could be construed as an act of "biological warfare" and outright invasion. 


President Trump has vowed to punish the governments of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador for failing to stop their citizens heading north in the caravan, while also blaming Mexico. 

He has also promised to send US military forces to the border to stop the migrants. 

Unfortunately current US law allows anyone crossing the border to claim asylum, starting a lengthy and expensive adjudication process, during which the migrants can disappear and head for "sanctuary cities" and "sanctuary states," where Democratic-Party-led administrations will protect them in return for votes.

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