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It's a floater!
In yet another demonstration of how loathsome and disgusting she is, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced that she is resigning but will only step down as German Chancellor three years later in 2021, when everybody wants her to fuck off immediately.

As reported by the UnIndependent:

Angela Merkel will not seek re-election as Germany’s chancellor when her term of office ends in 2021, she has confirmed, in a surprise address at her party headquarters on Monday.

The shock announcement comes as the premier met with the senior leadership of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party following heavy losses in regional elections in the state of Hesse.

It has been widely assumed in Germany that the current Bundestag term, which began in 2017, would be Ms Merkel’s last, but there had been no official confirmation of this until now. The leader told a news conference in Berlin it was “time for a new chapter” in German politics.

Ms Merkel said she took responsibility for the CDU’s recent losses in local elections and told party members that she would not run again for the leadership of her party at a conference in December.

This would leave her in the position of staying as chancellor while not being the leader of her own party. The German constitution has strict rules regulating the process of appointing the chancellor, with parties nominating a named candidate for the position ahead of elections.

Ever since she has been leader of Germany, the country has been spiralling towards Third World status through her insane multiculturalist, open borders policies, which have seen sharp spikes in terrorism and rapes of German women. She has also fucked up the EU with her attempts to turn it into an over-centralised German Empire.  

In fact, everybody hates her, and it has been clear since the last general election that she is electoral poison even in a cucked and fucked-up nation like Germany. 

In that vote her formerly dominant CDU lost its majority and had to enter a sordid coalition with the Social Democratic Party, which is now becoming unpopular at an almost equal rate to Merkel's CDU

The plan is obviously to use Merkal as a kind of "hate sponge" to suck up the electorate's inevitable animosity for the CDU over the next three years, and then dump her in the political knackers yard, while introducing a new, fresh-faced CDU candidate and pretending that everything will be different now. 

The electorate have to remember that such a move is just the same old shit in a different bottle and must reject the CDU.

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Anonymous said...

God almighty!I detest this woman.

Anonymous said...

What a picture! Once seen, can't be unseen. Thanks a lot, Trad News!

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